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Netscout Airmagnet Survey Pro 9.2 crack, AM/A4018 license. Include survey and palnner modules. Working at any computer, just need any one of the supported. Jan 1, 2018 - Product Registration It is highly recommended that you register your AirMagnet software from this website. Registering your purchased software.

Air Magnet Survey Pro Supported Adapters

Ruckus Zone Planner issue 'No valid license detected on your system'


Ruckus Zone Planner issue 'No valid license detected on your system'


Below are steps we can try if the customer reports that 'No valid license detected on your system' for Ruckus Zone Planner.
Please visit the link https://airmagnet.flukenetworks.com/my_airmagnet/index.php and login to that and go to 'Registered Products' and download the license for the serial number of the Ruckus Zone Planner.
Step 1: Once the license is downloaded, please follow the below steps.
Airmagnet Survey Pro License Crack
- Install Airmagnet Survey Pro ( only if not installed already)
- Go to survey pro directory (default is : C:Program Files (x86)AirMagnet IncAirMagnet Surveyor)
- Place the downloaded license file in the desktop
- It should prompt you for a license file
Step 2 : Once after trying above, if you still get the same error then please try MAC address reset once, to perform automated MAC address reset go to online form: http://airmagnet.flukenetworks.com/support/mac_address_reset/
Once the MAC address is matched with customer’s PC, please manually download the license file for the serial number for which you are working and follow step 1 once again and it should work.
All Ruckus AM planner are good for 3 yrs from date of purchase however every year support for AM planner has to be renewed manually by reloading the key at AM website. So if in case if the customer reports that support has expired then we need to email cservice@ruckuswireless.com and they will provide the renewal keys. While sending an email to cservice team, please provide the below details:
Customercontact Name :
Account Name :
Once the customer gets the renewal keys, first try step 1, if the step 1 does not work you can try step 2.

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