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veterinary 10% levamisole hcl injection with improve the immune effect of the vaccine

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Product Name

Levamisole Hydrochloride 10% Injection


Each ml contains levamisole hydrochloride 50mg.


Colorlesstransparent liquid.


Used in the treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes and lung nematodes in cattle, sheep, pigs,

dogs, cats and birds and treatment of canine heartworm and porcine kidney worm infections.

Can also be used in the adjuvant treatment of immunocompromised animals.

Can improve the immune effect of the vaccine.

Dosage and Administration

For intramuscular administration:

cattle, sheep, pig: 0.075ml per 1 kg body weight

dog, cat: 0.1ml

fowl: 0.25ml


1. Do not administer to cattle within 7 days of slaughter for human consumption to

avoid residues of medicine.

2. To prevent residues in milk, do not administer to dairy animals at breeding period.

El alcance de la mente rhine pdf. Withdrawal Period

Cattle: 14 days; sheep, pig, fowl: 28 days.


10%, 1)2ml: 0.2g2)5ml: 0.5g 3)10ml: 1g


Store in dry and dark place.

GMP certificate assurance the veterinary medicine quality

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1.Sample: We offer free sample to test.

Levamisole Cocaine

2.Medicine use:Our professional teams can help you solve your problems of veterinary medicines and find a best way to save livestock,pets.

3.Medicine effects: Before bulk production ,our medicines will be tested on animals and pass the national test. You can see clearly indications and side effects, precautions to make sure the correct use.

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Company Introduction

Hebei Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999,specializing in the R&D,production,sales and technical services of veterinary medicines and feed additives..

In 2004, we passed GMP dynamic authenticationand was the first company to meet advanced international level in Chinaveterinary medicine industry. Until 2014,we have developed10 production lines with advanced production equipments


Until 2015,our annual production capacity reaches 5000 tons.

We supply various dosage forms of medicines for your choice,injection,oral solution,tablet,granules,soluble powder, herbal extract, disinfectant, feed additives and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Levamisole Hydrochloride For Fish

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