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I have a Cartier Art Deco lighter with Cartier name but not serial number. How do I authenticate? Each Cartier lighter carries an individual serial number which provides a record of both origin and authenticity. That's from the Cartier website!

  1. Cartier Serial Number Database
  2. Software Serial Numbers

Cartier Watch Reference Numbers


W1506051, W1506056, W1510956, W1516856, W1518956, W1544956, W8000001, W8000002, W8000003, W8000005, W8000006, W8000007, W8000008, W8000009, W8000013, WB5094D8, WB5094W1, WB5095L2, WB5095W2, WB5096D8, WB5096W1, WB5097L2, WB5097W2, WB509531, WB509731, WB520006

Ballon Bleu

W69010Z4, T2133011a, W69001Z2, W69002Z2, W69003Z2, W69004Z2, W69005Z2, W69006Z2, W69007Z3, W69011Z4, W69012Z4, W6900156, W6900256, W6900356, W6900456, W6900551, W6900651, W6920009, W6920010, W6920011, W6920033, W6920034, W6920046, W6920047, WE9001Z3, WE9002Z3, WE9003Z3, WE9004Z3, WE9006Z3, WE9007Z3

Calibre De Cartier

W7100009, W7100011, W7100013, W7100014, W7100037, WF100005

Collection Privee



W6300856, W6300356, W6300255, W6300655, W6301455, WA301770

La Dona De Cartier

WE600651, W640010H, W640020H, W640030I, W640040I, W640050J, W640060J, W660012I, W660022I, W6400156, W6400256, W6400356, W6400456, W6400701, W6600121, WE6001MX, WE6003MX, WE60019G, WE60020H, WE60039G, WE60040H, WE60050I, WE60060I, WE600151, WE600251, WE600351, WE600451, WE600551, WE600749, WE600849

Laniers Tank Allongee

W1537338, WJ200338



WE800131, WE800331, WE800431, WE800531, WE800731


Cartier Serial Number Database

W1014054, W1017354

Must 21

W10172T2, W10073R6, W10109T2, W10110T2, W10125U2, W10197U2, W10198U2

Software Serial Numbers


W31047M7, W31049M7, W31055M7, W31072M7b, W31075M7, W31076M7, W31077M7, W31077U2, W31078M7, W31079M7, W31085M7, W31088U2, W3018651, W3018751, W3019051, W3019951, W3020151, W3108555, W3140001, W3140003, W3140004, W3140005, W3140007, W3140008, WJ1116M9, WJ11891G, WJ11902G, WJ120251


W62016V3, W62025V3, WE5001X1, W62001V3, W62002V3(G), W62003V1S, W62017V3, W62018V1, W62019X6, W62020X6, W62021Y2, W62021Y3, W62026Y4, W62027Z1, W62031Y4, W62032X6, W62041V3, W6206001, W6206006, W6206007, W6206017, W6206018, WE500160, WE500260

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Ronde Solo

W6700155, W6700255, W6700455, W6701004, W6701005, W6800151, W6800251


W20056D6, W20106X8, W25062X9, W2008751


W650018H, W05A1426, W51008Q3, W1540956, W2601156, W5200013, WE300131


WA503751 Que es el cordon de plata.

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