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Original review: March 11, 2019

Ordered a refill and it had to be ordered. Waited until Monday and instead of running it through my insurance they wanted to charge me 123.00. Because they had to redo it I had to wait over 30 minutes because of their mistake.

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Will Costco Install Tires

I'm going to try this, next free install promo. Buy the tires from costco with your citi card, then price match them through tire rack. So you get free install no shipping charges, rotations and balance for life of the tire and tire rack prices, you just have to pay taxes.

Original review: Jan. 8, 2019

I recently had my doctor place prescription orders with my local Costco in Westlake Village, California. I called the pharmacy a couple days after my doctor called in the order. They had NO RECORD OF THE ORDER! I called my doctor and she wasn't terribly surprised. She said Costco 'LOSES' Rx orders regularly. She believes their pharmacies are too small and understaffed. To me, that's a DAMN DANGEROUS SITUATION for people needing medications!!! I LOVE COSTCO PRICES... But I gotta find someplace else to fill my scripts!

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Evelyn of Grand Rapids, MI Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2019

I got an automatic renewal in my e-mail. I activated it and it should have been filled last week. I checked my prescription this morning and am almost out. Turns out it should have been refilled a week ago. And of course they are closed on Sunday. I will probably change to a more convenient store that is open 24/7 or at least every day. This is vastly inconvenient to say the least.

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Dana of Sandy, UT Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2018

Went to get my Rx refilled after a particularly difficult and terrible dental experience. Was told after I submitted my script that 'they are busy and it's going to take 20 minutes or so...' I told them that I was already in severe pain and to please expedite it as much as possible. 20 minutes later with my jaw barely able to move and not being able to swallow. (This part obviously was not Costco's fault.) I go to get my Rx and am told, 'Gee we are so slammed and it's going to be another 20 minutes ...' I replied 'Are you Serious? Can you not tell I am in agony here? Why can't we expedite this for people who are obviously hurting?' My reply was, 'Yeah now that would be nice huh?'

Now 25 minutes later I go to get my Rx and they forgot one of the prescriptions... I was livid and about to scream at them but of course can't even open my jaw. They scurry off and force one of the incompetents in the back to hurry it up. And about an hour later, I had my Rx. Again, I am in agony and now had to wait for an hour to get my prescription. And now have to wait for another to hopefully have the pain lessen a bit. Management's best reply was 'Oh yeah. I'll talk to the Pharmacy manager...' Which meant Nothing. I won't use Costco Pharmacy again. This was the last straw for me.

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Holly of Salem, OR Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2018

I went to the pharmacy to fill a prescription. I went to the drop off to turn it in, after asking if they had the right brand, as my doctor filled my script early because the pharmacy I went to their brand was taking 2 hours to dissolve. I double checked and they had the brand my doctor recommended I get. They said it would be ready in a half hour. So half hour I checked. It was not ready so they said they would let me know when it was ready. Another half hour goes by I check again. Still not ready. I sat back down then all the sudden the cashiers started saying, 'I'm not going to tell her, you tell her.' Mind you they were loud enough for the other people waiting for their meds to hear.

Finally one comes over to me and says in a rude and snooty tone, 'You are trying to fill this way too early.' So I told them to call my doctor, and the reason for the early fill. I understand that they were doing their job but it doesn't take an hour to tell me this. Not to mention I was so embarrassed, because this was done right in front of several customers. The cashier took it back so the pharmacist could call my doctor 20 minutes later who by the way was very nice to me, came and told me that it would be another 20 minutes for it to be filled. The rest of the wait the cashiers gave me dirty looks and made me so upset I was crying when I got to my car.

The cashiers need to be taught some customer service, and training in the medication. I refuse to use the pharmacy at Costco ever again. I pay to be a member and I will not pay to be treated that horrible. Again the lady that checked in my med and the pharmacist were very nice. It was the 3 ladies at the cashier counter is why I will not return. I will not renew my card when due.

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Vicki of Kennewick, WA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2018

I was recently involved in an accident that left me unable to pick up several medications I had phoned in to Costco pharmacy the previous day. My husband does not have a membership so I gave him my card to pick up the items for me. The technician at the desk refused to give him the medications (which included insulin) because he did not have his own card.

I texted back and forth with someone at Costco headquarters today to verify if that was indeed the policy. It was correct. You have to have your own card to pick up medication for someone else. Seems strange anyone can use Costco pharmacy without a membership (by state law), but they can't pick it up for someone else without a membership card.

I asked what one was to do if she could not get into the pharmacy due to injury or severe illness. Seems a likely possibility seeing as we are talking medication. In that case, I was told, one needed to use the mail-in pharmacy (guess I should have planned ahead for my accident) -- or -- find a member to pick it up. I like a lot of things about Costco--including the prices I pay for my medications, but to essentially say my well-being can be put at risk for this ridiculous rule tells me I need to do business elsewhere. BTW, I checked the policy of other local pharmacies and not one would deny medication pick-up to a spouse.

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Jack of Phoenix, AZ Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2018

Costco pharmacy is inexpensive. However, the pharmacists at my local Costco are inept. Of the five prescriptions I have had filled at my local Costco, only one was filled correctly. Various pharmacists have gotten the other four wrong. When I have question them, a team of two or three people is sent to the counter to argue with me and blame the prescribing doctor, the insurance company of both for Costco's error. On one occasion, I pointed to the label on the medication they had sold me that clearly indicated that the prescription was not correctly filled according to Costco's own label, the pharmacist refused to acknowledge that he had made a mistake.

I had my insurance company call only to be told after a long hold during which time the insurance rep that Costco on the phone that the people she talked to at Costco were bizarrely unable to communicate with. She suggested having the prescription transferred to a different pharmacy. I don't understand why people presumably with a university degree cannot read and understand a prescription and why they cannot accept responsibility for their mistakes. I also do not understand why Costco management doesn't fix the problem with some training.

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Original review: April 6, 2018

I have a number of prescriptions that I needed to have filled. I called the Appleton Costco store and they said to wait until Friday to come in. Costco in Appleton, does not call you, YOU need to call them if to check on prescriptions. Also, the place I transferred all of these prescriptions to, texts me when they are ready. Costco in Appleton, WI will not go out of their way to offer any assistance this way. So, I called them twice to check on my prescriptions, thinking I could just go in and pick up my prescriptions and be on my way. Well, this was not the case. I was told my insurance was not on file (even though I had prescriptions filled in March, 2018). Hmmm, did my March prescriptions go through my insurance? I had been going to them for over 1 1/2 years and my insurance was not on computer? Not very efficient if you ask me.

I would never go back to this pharmacy. Every time I go in, I wait over 45 minutes for my prescriptions. This is not right!!! The customer is not treated very well. My advice is to go somewhere (anywhere) else. I was not apologized to for the wait. Please save yourself some grief and go to an efficient pharmacy. The prices at Costco are not that great as well. I'm never going back, this aggravation is not worth it.

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Kelly of San Luis Obispo, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2018

I wanted to get a pneumonia vaccination (over 65) which is covered by Medicare Part B. I waited an hour and 15 minutes to be told that I would have to pay for the vaccine because the Costco system would not bill Medicare Part B. I went down the street to CVS, no wait, they said vaccination was covered by Medicare Part B, got the vaccination and was out the door in 15 minutes. Fast and friendly at CVS. No more Costco Pharmacy for any vaccines! I like Costco but the pharmacy service is terrible.

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Will Costco Install Tires Bought Elsewhere

Original review: March 22, 2018

When I went to Silverdale Washington Costco and tried to fill my prescription I was told I had no choice but to use my insurance. For 90 days I pay around $23, if I use my insurance it a $25 copay for 30 days...I have been paying cash for years. When I called my insurance company they said that they never heard of such a thing. What was costing me $100 a year now is going to cost me $300. If this a new Costco company policy?

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Erika of Lomita, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 8, 2018

It is the 2nd time that the pharmacist named Vy ** tries to override doctor's orders. She did it again, this time I am absolutely appalled. The prescription read 2 capsules by mouth and she verbally overrode it to only one capsule. She claimed prescription was too high. The doctor had explained to us why he needed a high dose. Not to mention she had done the same before. To the extent of changing the written prescription! We had to personally go to the doctor and tell him face to face what she had done. The doctor was upset and made the prescription again and called the pharmacy to make sure that never happened again. Unacceptable. Does a pharmacist have this type of power?

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Barry of Charlottesville, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2018

We've been dealing with the Charlottesville VA Costco pharmacy for years. This year we changed drug plan carriers. When we tried to fill our usual prescription, we were told (A) this plan doesn't cover that drug but Medicare Part B does, and (B) Costco pharmacy doesn't bill Medicare so the price is the through-the-roof cash price. When we went elsewhere, we learned that Costco is the ONLY pharmacy in town that won't bill Medicare for Part B coverage. Wonder if it's just our Costco, or all of them. Pretty quirky bunch, Costco management.

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Linda of Sebastopol, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

I also shop at Costco for their large selection of organic groceries and reasonable pricing on other staples. Trader Joe's is also in the same shopping center as Costco & has good values and variety too.

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Nancy of Waunakee, WI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

They changed my ** (generic) again when going to Costco - I questioned this and asked if I could get the same med I got last time. I was not happy about always getting a different version of the med. I am 74 years old and have been an RN for 50 years. I do know a little something about Health Care and Pharmacies. I also questioned the Pharmacist and told him that I did not trust Pharmaceutical Companies. He told me that he didn't have anything to do with Pharmaceutical Companies. I said to him 'Isn't this a Pharmacy and aren't you a Pharmacist?' - He then told me that I was not nice to his help and I had one more chance. I told him I had a right to question and this is who I am - A VERY BAD Experience!!!

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Ron of Murray, UT Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

For the past ten months, I obtained a prescription for my dog at a monthly cost of $26.79. On November 28, I picked up the same prescription written by the same vet after having to wait for three days while they resupplied. On the first of the three days (Nov. 25), I was told that it would take 30 minutes. After waiting almost two hours, they finally acknowledged that they had it on order and it would be ready on November 27 after 2:00. They should have told me that at the beginning of the long wait. My wife called on Nov. 27 and was told that the morning of the 28th would be the earliest availability. I came on Nov. 28 and had to work through an unfriendly woman at the counter who had me stand around waiting before finally asking me if this was the medicine. It was the same prescription as the previous ten months.

I signed and left because 1) I am a senior citizen who had been standing a while and 2) My dying dog needed the medicine. I should have analyzed the receipt but Costco is aboveboard (?). The price had increased from $26.79 for the preceding ten months to $145.11! I asked for a credit on the Citibank credit card website for the difference but Costco's new credit card provider conveniently lacks an area to explain why I am challenging part of this charge. In the many years as an executive member, I haven't had a bad experience with Costco (e.g., the travel service worked great for a trip to Hawaii) with the exception of the pharmacy. I won't use this pharmacy again and suggest caution when doing so.

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Hope of Carson, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I purchased tickets to an event for $400 on costco.com. The funds were immediately taken out of my checking account. About an hour later I got an email saying my transaction was declined, however, $400 was still taken from my account. It was after hours already so I called Costco.com the next day, Friday, and they told me it was a system glitch and the funds will be returned Monday morning. Monday came and no refund. I had to call Costco every day for a week and every day they promised my money would be refunded the next day. Finally I got sick of getting the runaround and stayed on the phone for three hours with Costco until the issue was resolved. All the while the representative is discouraging me from holding on the line and trying to get me to hang up and call back the next day.

I understand stuff happens like computer glitches and system errors but Costco.com should have made more of an effort to resolve the problem and help the customer instead of passing it off to another associate the next day. I guess they were hoping that I would magically forget that there is $400 missing out of my account and stop bothering them.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

One time is enough. I'm on the road for several months and gave an address to the pharmacy for shipping. When I received the email shipping confirmation it showed my home address. Knowing that the online pharmacy is not open on Sunday, I sent an email about the confirmation late Saturday night and waited patiently until 4pm EST for a response, which did not arrive. (Yes, I checked the junk mail folder). I called and was told that a) their system always confirms the address on file rather than where the script is sent, and b) someone allegedly responded to my email. A properly designed system will show the correct shipping address. I don't believe that someone replied to my email when said reply is not in my inbox or junk box. It never happened. This is a level of service unacceptable for something as important as a pharmacy. I hope Amazon jumps into the online pharmacy business so the job is done right.

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Pamela of Morro Bay, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

The only drawback to using the facility in San Luis Obispo is that I know the new prescription from my physician will not be ready until the next day, no matter what the medicine is. They can beat local prices, even my insurance co pay, by several dollars, so I would rather wait the extra day and drive back for the savings. Especially after being overcharged at CVS triple after breaking my ankle 18 months ago.

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Laura of Westlake Village, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

I worked in a pharmacy for many years so I know what great customer service should be like and Costco Pharmacy is a far from quality which is what you should expect from a membership driven company. Every time I got there, I have to tell them how to do their job. My Doctor will send over a prescription electronically right in front of me or I would call in a refill and the Doctor would call it in and the Pharmacy would claim they never received anything or an approval. I would call back again and again and the third time they had it because that was the only time they put me on hold to look.

The most recent is when I had an approval for a medication to be refilled and told them I would pick up next day and when I called the next day to see if it was ready, I was told they were out of stock and my question was why wasn't I told this yesterday or did they not fill it yesterday for me to pick up today and the clerk put me on hold. She came back on and said they had it from a different manufacturer so I said, 'Yes, please fill.'

This has not only happened with my medications but with my cat's as well. If the prices weren't so good (my insurance doesn't cover everything) then I would go back to Target. They never call you to tell you there is an issue and I have had to call them 3-4 times every single time I have needed a prescription. If I was the Pharmacy Manager I would fire everyone and hire all new people. Only one person who is named Charles has ever taken the time to call me back when there was an issue or took that extra step. He should get a raise.

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Beverley of Saint John, NB Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

My son is a type 1 diabetic and with that of course comes the purchase of insulin and supplies. I changed to Costco to save on pharmacy charges (which wasnt that much) and was assured they were reputable pharmacy. They were the worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with! They sold my husband the wrong supplies and told him he didnt know what he was talking about. So I had to return the items and was treated terribly, they didnt know that lancets were not used alone and somehow it was my fault. On top of all that they wanted to charge me for a meter that is given away at other pharmacies! (I have not gotten a meter from Costco at all so there was a problem of time between replacements). All in all my advice is stay away from Costco pharmacies. It's bad enough to be in a situation to need medicine so being treated badly on top is not acceptable.

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Ramesh of Henrico, VA Verified Reviewer
Will Costco Install Tires Purchased Elsewhere ProgramsOriginal review: Aug. 5, 2017

I want to give complaint on Costco whole milk (Kirkland). They are not maintaining the standards since last four to five times when I purchased the milk within 10 days milk is damaging and I have given complaint in costco customer care. They were saying, 'Give the milk and we will refund the money' and they are not looking our concerns and not worried about quality also. This is too bad when the experience.

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Yoko of Scarborough, ON Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

I will warn women, seniors, physically challenged people and other in an apartment when you buy products from Costco online. They may deliver to your security gate, but they may not bring it to your door. It depends on Vendor's policy, according to Costco. I purchased 65' TV from their online. It was delivered and left to a security gate. The delivery man did not bring it to my unit. It was heavy, so I had to hire someone to carry it to my unit next day. He brought it to my unit and opened the box in front of me, and we saw a broken TV screen.

I do not know if it was damaged by a rough delivery guy, my securities, a handy man who carried it to my unit, or another reasons. Costco customer service said they do not consider 65' TV which is around 50lb as heavy and big product, so it is ok to leave it at condo's security without buyer's signature. They seem not consider $1800.- TV as expensive product.

Anyway, I had to order another TV. I emailed Canpar (delivery company) not to leave the 65' TV at the security gate again, and I asked them to notify me next time. No reply. I also told Costco customer service not to do it again. She apologized and called and told Canpar not to do it again for me while I was holding on the phone. The same delivery guy notified me my new 65' TV delivery. He said he would leave my TV at our security gate again because he does not want to get a parking ticket, though we have parking spaces. Asked him to bring it to my unit POLITELY, but he just hung up on me. It was 20 SECONDS conversation. Our security manager persuade him to take it to my unit, so he brought it to my unit eventually.

I emailed Costco about it, and no reply in a few days. I called their customer service. They told me that they are not responsible for the way of delivery. They are just selling products indirectly, so each vendors have their own policy for delivery. They also told it was ok to leave $1800.- value, heavy and big product at a condo's security. This is not their business because they do not sell products on their online directly. They also said 65' is not heavy and big. For example, company 'A' may deliver 65' TV to your suite. Company 'B' will leave their 65' TV at the security, and you have to carry it to your suite later. That is why my LG 65' TV was left at security gate without notifying me, and my acquaintance who got a smaller TV from another company was delivered to her door.

The way of delivery of each vendor's products on Costco online shopping depends on vendors. Costco clearly told me that they are not related with any products on Costco online. They are like Amazon, Ebay, and others. Amazon, Ebay customer service never took advantage of this statement to respect customers and vendors. That is a big difference between Amazon, Ebay and Costco.

Arrogant customer service told me that Costco does not have responsibilities for delivery again. He also told me we must check how the purchased product would be delivered just before confirming payment. Ok, I got it. I never thought 50 pounds TV is light product as Costco thinks. I assumed they deliver products as IKEA, Home Depot, Bricks, Bestbuy, Leon, Structube and others deliver to my door. They said it was my fault because I did not get in touch with Canpar, though I did. However, Canpar web clearly showed me under my tracking number that they cannot leave the size of my TV at condo's security because it is not a parcel. They did, thought... While I was explaining the contradiction between what Canpar say and did and what Costco's each vendor's delivery policies, an arrogant Costco Customer Service guy hang up on me. THEY called me and interrupted my work, though.

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dejao of Goldenrod, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

My aunt has bone cancer and can no longer go to Costco with us. For years we go to university and Forsyth Florida store. We had a full cart of groceries packed about to check out and lady at self check out denied us for not having any of our sisters faces making it loud and a large issue. She told us to leave or go get a new id. I explained my aunt can't come anymore. She has cancer. It hurts her to walk the store. The blonde lady told my sister to go get her a new ID for her or find a way to bring my aunt in. It's not the lady's fault she said. She was so nasty and rude she made my sister start crying for being so mean. Costco has horrible values just rude greedy unpolite or considerate people. The lady got so rude. She said it's not her fault. 'Your aunt can't come in then go else where to shop'... Your company sucks and is horrible. I hope you all catch cancer or die in a car accident.

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Blanca of Escondido, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 5, 2017

Cotsco #1080 San Marcos Ca - Costco is being one of my best store to shop for years! But unfortunately just had a terrible experience on June 9, 2017. Like usually I went to shop for my week food and some other items. This day I also bought two Rotisserie Chickens one for lunch and the other one for sandwiches for the next day. Next day I was sliced the chicken when I noticed something black from the side of the chicken then a ball smell. I open the chicken completely and found out poop, liver, gizzard everything inside totally disgusting. Chicken was never cleaned from inside.

I decided to go back to the store and talk to the manager about it. She was totally surprised when I showed her the chicken. She did return my money from the two chickens but the problem is not finished. There I can not see or eat chicken again. Since then I have been so sick from my stomach. It seemed she didn't care. I just was told she was going to talk to the crew in the kitchen so they could check the chickens before they can cook them. I hope she did so some other people don't experience the same problem I had.

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jayme of Matthews, NC Verified Buyer
Original review: May 8, 2017

In the Meat Department at Matthews Township Parkway Costco a female with brown hair, her name tag said Brianna. She was EXTREMELY RUDE to her coworkers calling them names and trying to make them mad because they would not do HER JOB for her. She made the work environment terrible and I felt bad for the men in there because they held their tongues and just walked away but you could tell the young man was mad. No one should have to work in a hostile work environment where they feel UNCOMFORTABLE, I was only shopping and I felt uncomfortable with the way she presented herself and treated others. Not only did this Brianna create a HOSTILE work environment while they were switching positions she was touching her face and picking at her nose while grabbing containers to put the chickens in and didn't hide it either. In plain view she was picking her nose and touching the containers.

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A CHICKEN FROM HERE AGAIN. She's not a team player, she's not a good worker and she wasn't following SERVE SAFE rules. My children love the chickens from Costco and it's just sad that she ruined not only my experience, but my WHOLE family's experience. This was one of the most terrible experiences I've had with Costco. I just want to know where the management was at because the way she treated her coworkers was NOT ACCEPTABLE. I am more than likely cancelling my membership and I will be telling everyone about the non-sanitary conditions of this meat department. This girl ruined over 30 chickens. I hope something gets done about this because the workers should not have to deal with her rude ** attitude and I should not have to witness UNPROFESSIONAL people while shopping. Brianna RUINED my experience.

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Steven of Phoenix, AZ
Original review: May 7, 2017

This pharmacy cares nothing for its members! Won't inform patients when there is an issue. Last straw was today when they stated I would have to take my wife to the ER and wouldn't do anything to correct the problem they created! If you value your family DON'T trust this pharmacy!

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Juli of Manhattan Beach, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2017

Terrible Service from one Pharmacist Suhee ** - She refused to refill a medication I have been getting filled at Costco for around 6 years. I got to Costco because they have it less than half price. It's over $500 retail and they have it generic for $220. I tried to change from a Costco by the beach to the one in Torrance where I moved last month to avoid a 30 minute drive. She looked at the Rx and said I was trying to refill my meds 3 days too soon and that I had 'done it before'. What?? She's crazy. It was not anything fun to take and it's very expensive. So why would I try to take more or pick it up early except that I had to work until 8:30 the next 6 days. I went in on Friday, drove there special after work (still in my lab coat as I am a healthcare practitioner) and she went crazy on me. I was almost in tears. She made me feel so bad.

I called my Dr and he called her and said she was an unreasonable lady and that he would call it in anywhere else for me. I went to another Costco Pharmacy and there was NO PROBLEM. It's like she was off her psych meds or in menopause or something. Go anywhere but here is my suggestion. I love Costco and have bought 2 laptops, a couch, mattresses, a Dyson and so much else just since December and I am ready to bring back what I can and to never shop at Costco or Costco.com again. But since they were nice at my regular pharmacy I will simply never go to Costco Torrance again. Suhee ** you need to get out of the service business. Or be nice to people. You are horrible!

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Janet of Huntington Beach, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

Will Costco Install Tires Purchased Elsewhere

Whenever possible I use the mail order Pharmacy for refillable Rx's, the in store pharmacy for one time needs. Both are excellent, but I can't say enough good things about the mail order pharmacy. They are quick & efficient. They call or email me if there is a problem & even contact the Doctor if the Rx needs a new prescription. I have auto refill on applicable Rx's & everything comes delivered to me by mail in a timely manner. I could not be more satisfied

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Katy of Grand Prairie, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 4, 2017

I patronized Costco because they treat their employees fairly and compensate better than other big box stores. That said, online customer service **. Costco travel does not have a direct number to call for assistance, and calling the number on your email only puts you in a 20 minute queue to talk to the wrong department and be transferred around (1 hour total on phone today to check why my 'special request' was not noted at the time of booking). The 'customer service' person could CARE LESS what your problem is and acts like you are wasting their time. Save your money and sanity by comparison shopping on other sites or directly with the place you're wanting to visit (Orlando in my case). Arrrggghhh. Run To The Nearest Competitor.

8 people found this review helpful
Original review: April 4, 2017

I love how friendly the staff is and always go over your medications making sure you understand what you are taking and if it would interact in a negative way with any other medication you may be on.

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