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How to Choose a Muffler

How To Install Glass Backsplash

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A muffler, also known as a silencer, is a unit used in the exhaust system to reduce the amount of noise derived from the exhaust pipe of your truck's internal combustion engine. Without this component, vehicles would emit a lot of noise, which would result in sonic pollution.

Here, we have compiled a guide to help you select a quality Cherrybomb muffler for your automotive.

What are the different types of Cherrybomb mufflers?


Depending on the model you select, your vehicle's noise level can be anything between a low growl and a thunderous roar. The ideal muffler should be able to deliver an average rumble sound.

The three main muffler styles are:

  • Chambered - They reduce exhaust sound by providing a throaty emission sound. These types are ideal for street and muscle vehicles. This design reduces back pressure and maximizes horsepower.
  • Turbo - Designed in an S-shaped pattern, this design allows gasses to pass through more tubing resulting in quieter emission. For increased muffling, Cherrybomb incorporates a sound deadening material into the design. This type is ideal for regular street use.
  • Straight-through - Also known as glasspacks, this design offers the maximum flow and horsepower. The model has straight perforated pipes wrapped in sound absorbing materials such as fiberglass. These mufflers are ideal for racing and a favorite among custom car builders.

What is the ideal type of construction?

Mufflers are constructed from durable and robust materials to handle the high-pressure exhaust gasses, resist corrosion, and absorb impact from road debris. Cherry Bomb is known for its Glasspack mufflers. These components have:

  • An outer shell
  • An inner case
  • Insulated layer in between

The Chevy bomb extreme muffler is made very well with its body constructed of aluminized steel. Cherrybomb glasspack and turbo mufflers are all developed to deliver extreme performance while reducing emissions. The two most popular materials used are:

  • Aluminized steel
  • Stainless steel

What other factors do I need to consider?

There are a few things you need to first inquire about your existing exhaust system such as:

  • Single/Dual exhaust system - Understanding this will help you determine the number of inlets your muffler needs. A single system will require a single channel while a dual system needs a dual inlet muffler.
  • Exhaust pipe diameter - The inlets and outlets you purchase need to match those of your existing exhaust diameter.
  • Room available for the muffler - The outside dimensions of your performance muffler should allow for ample room under the car. The overall length will allow for easy installation and proper clamping. This will, in turn, increase your automotive's performance.

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How To Install Glass Pack Without Welding

The Cherry Bomb brand and glasspack-style mufflers have been around for decades, and they continue to be popular. They deliver a great sound and good performance at a decent price. Installing one is not difficult, if you know your way around power tools and vehicles. It is not recommended for the average shade tree mechanic, but for those who have experience beyond tune-ups and flat tire changes, it can save quite a few dollars to install the muffler at home.


Step 1

Remove the old muffler. This step will require you to cut the exhaust tubing at either end of the existing muffler if the unit was welded in place. If the muffler was clamped on, many times the clamps can be removed using a large socket wrench. However, if the bolts have sized due to heat and moisture or if they are bent, it may still be necessary to cut either the bolts or the exhaust tubing itself.

Step 2

Measure out how much room the new muffler will need between the remaining exhaust tubing. Generally, glasspacks are longer than standard mufflers and therefore will require more room. If more space is needed, it will be necessary to cut the exhaust tubing on one or both ends to accommodate the new unit. Cut carefully; if too much tubing is removed, the muffler will not install correctly. Take out only as much as you need, whether you are welding the new unit in or clamping it on.

Install the glasspack. If you are welding the new muffler in, be sure to get a 100-percent bead all the way around each end so there are no exhaust leaks in the system. Place the muffler carefully between the front and rear tubing and tack it so that it is suspended and check your tolerances. Once the muffler is correctly in place, complete the full weld. Always wear welding safety equipment and make sure the vehicle is sitting on jack stands if it is necessary to elevate it. If you are clamping the muffler on, always use new units. They can be found cheaply at any auto supply store and will last several times longer than the old clamps. Similar to the welding method, the muffler will be placed between the front and rear tubing, but simply clamped into place. Get the clamps as tight as you can to avoid failure or exhaust leaks.


  • Some mufflers only flow one way; pay attention to arrows on the unit.

How To Install Glass Pack Without Welding


  • Never work on a hot exhaust. Allow the vehicle to cool before modifications are made.

Items you will need

  • Reciprocating saw or angle grinder (possibly)
  • Welder or muffler clamps
  • Tool set (end wrenches or sockets)
  • Heavy gloves and safety glasses

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