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Ragnarok Online. Shadow of the Colossus.

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File Info
System : Playstation
Best Emulator : Epsxe
File Size : 382 MB
How to Play ?
  • Download Emulator
  • Extract RAR
  • UNECM file (Drag and Drop ECm file to UNECM.exe)
  • Load ISO /BIN/IMG with EPSXE
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Ninja - Shadow of Darkness (PSX)

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Album name: Ninja - Shadow of Darkness (PSX)
Number of Files: 18
Total Filesize: 82.18 MB
Date added: Apr 18th, 2015
Released on: Playstation

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TrackSong NameMP3
1.Title Screen & Staff Roll2:505.36 MB
2.Menu1:543.14 MB
3.The Forest (Stage 1)3:126.09 MB
4.The Forest (Stage 1 Thunder Variation)1:272.66 MB
5.Boss Battle 12:565.47 MB
6.Item Shop1:312.61 MB
7.The Ancient Ruins (Stage 2)2:073.94 MB
8.The Monastery Exterior (Stage 3)2:435.00 MB
9.The Monastery Interior (Stage 4)2:234.02 MB
10.Boss Battle 2 (Demon Realm)4:157.87 MB
11.The Catacombs & the Beach (Stage 5 & 8)3:236.14 MB
12.Cloud Sanctuary (Stage 6 & 7)2:264.80 MB
13.The Snowy Forest (Stage 9)3:557.56 MB
14.Boss Battle 32:595.62 MB
15.The Icy Wilderness (Stage 10)2:385.60 MB
16.The Demon's Lair (Final Stage)1:332.96 MB
17.Unused Track1:353.07 MB
18.Game Over0:100.28 MB
Total:43m 58s82 MB


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Rating: 10/10
Excellent! I was looking for the number 9 since long time ago.

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