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Vertex Standard CE-59 RSS Programming Software - v4.02. Thank you to the adder. Was having problems with alignment on a 4107. For some reason this program crashes at the end of the alignment process. Welcome to the Vertex Radio Group Website. VRG is your one stop website for Vertex Standard USA programming software and information. This group is made up of long time owners and users of Vertex two-way radio equipment. All programming software has been compressed with WinRAR to decrease download times. The software must be.

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Did not crash vx-4107-7-45

Vertex Standard Software Download

I've downloaded the 4.02 version and commented on how it crashed upon finishing the alignment process. I don't have a watt meter so I've used my multi to check current draw. The previous version shows same draw in high and low power at 7 amps. So I decided to try this ver. The basic alignment process worked without crashing. I will check the power output soon. Used Windows 7 32bit, checked off the compatibility box for Windows XP, serial cable. Thank you to the uploader.
OK, I finally bought a set/power meter. I've messed with the alignment blind and found out I was over specing the power to 50 watts. I've now gotten it back to original power specs at 45 watts.

Vertex Ce59 Software

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