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[Release] No-GCD (Global Cool Down)
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No-GCD (Global Cool Down)
31st January 2011, 08:38 AM #1
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No-GCD (Global Cool Down)
I found in russian cheat forum one patch for kill all GCD.
Instruction so simple:
1.Unrar file to folder ../Data/enEN or ../Data/ruRU
2.Execute patch-NoGCD_335a.exe(no execute file when game is started) !!
Need make backup files patch-ruRU.MPQ and patch-ruRU-2.MPQ or patch-en.MPQ and patch-enEN-2.MPQ before patching !!!!!
Work in 3.3.5a !!!
Author of patch say that tested in MoltenWoW and work good.
Moderator note (learn_more)if you want to share a file, upload to ucdownloads.com

I tryed in wowcircle and for me not work,who can say how this tool work ?
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28th March 2011, 05:14 PM #2
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And where is the download ? mr 30 poster ?
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28th March 2011, 05:16 PM #3

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Try not to bump old threads like this. Since it has no relevance i will close it.

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Wow Cooldown Tracker

GCD Hack This 'GCD hack' will decrease the Global CD (as the name states) by 0.2s and every spell's cooldown by 0.2s-0.8s, it's impossible for other people to know if you're using it.
One example of the utility of this cheat is that in WP mirrors you will do around 300k more damage than the enemy warrior, without being obvious at all.
I also have scripts for all classes with pretty much anything you can think of.
If you are interested in making a purchase feel free to add wowscriptstore on Skype.
We only accept PayPal.
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