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Andra And The Backbone Mp3

OriginJakarta, Indonesia
GenresRock, Pop rock, Alternative rock
Years active2007 – present
LabelsGP Record Indonesia
Associated actsDewa 19, Deadsquad

Andra and The BackBone is a rock band from Indonesia and the solo project of Andra Ramadhan, guitarist of the band Dewa 19. Andra also formed part of fellow Dewa band member Ahmad Dhani's Ahmad Band project.

In addition to Andra, the band also consists of Deddi Suryadi, Stevie Item.

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The band released its self-titled debut album in 2007 on EMI Indonesia. The album was also released in Malaysia but with different artwork.

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The album's first single, 'Musnah', became a big hit in Indonesia, reaching the top of many national radio playlists.[citation needed] The video clip also received heavy rotation on MTV.[citation needed]

  • 1Discography
    • 1.1Studio albums
      • 1.1.1Andra & The Backbone (2007)
      • 1.1.2Season 2 (2008)
      • 1.1.3Love, Faith & Hope (2010)
      • 1.1.4IV (2011)


Studio albums[edit]

Andra & The Backbone (2007)[edit]

Andra & The Backbone is the first music album from the group. Released at 2007, with the main single Musnah.

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Track listing[edit]
  1. Terdalam
  2. Pujaan Hati
  3. Musnah
  4. Dan Tidurlah
  5. Lagi.. Dan Lagi..
  6. Saat Dunia Masih Milik Kita
  7. Hanya Dirimu
  8. Ditelan Bumi
  9. Perih
  10. Sempurna
  11. Dengarkan Aku
  12. Surrender

Season 2 (2008)[edit]

Season 2

Season 2 is the second album, released in 2008.

Track listing[edit]
  1. Muak
  2. Kepayang
  3. Main Hati
  4. Mimpi Yang Terbunuh
  5. Hitamku
  6. Sahabat
  7. Seperti Hidup Kembali
  8. Tak Ada Yang Bisa
  9. 3 Keajaiban
  10. Selamat Tinggal Masa Lalu
  1. Main Hati
  2. Hitamku
  3. Tak Ada Yang Bisa

Love, Faith & Hope (2010)[edit]

Love, Faith & Hope
Download Lagu Andra And The Backbone Sempurna Versi Acoustic

Love, Faith & Hope is the third album, released in March, 2010.Five songs from this album are acoustic reworking of the songs from their previous albums. First single from this album is Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku.

Track listing[edit]
  1. Pagi Jangan Cepat Datang
  2. Tunggu Aku
  3. Mimpi Burukku
  4. Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku
  5. Love, Faith & Hope
  6. Muak (Unplugged)
  7. Lagi Dan Lagi (Unplugged)
  8. Pujaan Hati (Unplugged)
  9. Terdalam (Unplugged)
  10. Seperti Hidup Kembali (Unplugged)
  1. Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku
  2. Tunggu Aku
  3. Pagi Jangan Cepat Datang
  4. Mimpi Burukku

IV (2011)[edit]

IV is the fourth album, released in December, 2011.This is the first album under the new record label GPS Record. First single from this album is Alibi.

Track listing[edit]
  1. Alibi
  2. Cliché
  3. Maafkan
  4. Bersedih
  5. Lullaby
  6. Chemistry
  7. Dream on Move On
  8. The Time Traveller
  9. Saat Dunia Masih Milik Kita
  10. Lagi Dan Lagi
  1. Alibi
  2. Cliché


  1. Lebih Dari Siapapun (2014)
  2. Panah Takdir (2017)
  3. Deja Vu (2018)

Compilation albums[edit]

Lagu Andra And The Backbone

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