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Thank you for your interest in our products. The download trial versions of Version 6 of Scientific WorkPlace®, Scientific Word®, and Scientific Notebook® are available in the table below.

Begin the evaluation process by clicking on the link in the table below for the product you wish to evaluate.

Download 30-Day Product (English Only)30-Day Serial Number by Product
Scientific WorkPlace 6 for Windows
Scientific WorkPlace 6 for Mac
Scientific Word 6 for Windows
Scientific Word 6 for Mac
Scientific Notebook 6 for Windows
Scientific Notebook 6 for Mac

Installation Instructions

Scientific workplace 6 keygen crack serial number

If using Windows: Start the install program after the download is complete. Follow the screen prompts as how to start the install program after the download is complete. These screen prompts can depend on the browser you are using. Usually a run option is available. Also, you can browse to the directory containing the download file and double-click on the file to begin the installation.

Scientific Workplace 6 Keygen Crack Serial Number

If using macOS: The downloads for Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word contain separate installers for the main program and TeX Live. Each installer must be run separately. The order doesn't matter, but we recommend running the TeX Live installer first. El Capitan users: The security has been increased so use option+Click to start the installers to allow answering the security dialog to allow continuing the installation. Starting the installer only by clicking does not offer the option to continue when the security dialog appears.

If you encounter any problems during installation or while testing the software, please send us an email.

You will need to activate the program to make it fully functional. Click on Help in the menu bar, then choose Activate. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Program Cracks And Keygens

Important Note: You are welcome to evaluate all of our programs at once, if you like. You will be given a serial number for each program. Please be aware, though, that your 30-day evaluation period begins at the time you activate the first program. We have found that 30 days is ample time to learn if the product will serve your needs. This means that all the evaluation software programs you install will cease to function 30 days from the time you activated the first program.

Version 6 manuals: PDF versions of the two Version 6 manuals can be downloaded by clicking on each link below.

For additional information about the manuals, see Books from MacKichan Software.


Version 5.5 products are available for download here.

Scientific Workplace 5.5 Crack

Please email us if you encounter any problems, during installation, activation, or while testing the software.

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