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Huawei HG8245H The HG8245 is currently not officially supported! Any text with a light background (like this text) provides guidance for creating the Details Page. Change Huawei HG 8245H default Login and Password or reset it if you dont remember. Change Huawei HG 8245H default Wifi name (SSID) / Password.Continue reading for detailed step-by-step instructions. 1.Open Huawei HG 8245H Router IP Address.

Dd-wrt Firmware

A Look Into Huawei HG8245 ONT Wifi Router
Wifi Router

I got an ONT router from China Telecom. It served well for SOHO internet connection back then in 2012. However, it has been collecting dust since I moved to a new place with no fiber optic internet. When things start to collect dust at one corner of my place, my curiosity quickly flies to pry it open and see if I could use it for something. At least I can see that it has one USB port on its side.


Prying it open was easy. Note also that there are hidden screws underneath those two rubber legs close to the front part. The device is Huawei HG8245 rebranded as China Telecom ONT.

Huawei Hg8245 Password

Two Atheros chips mounted on the board, AR9227 for the wireless 802.11b/g/n and AR8316 for wired WAN/LAN. Not sure what SD5113 is, most likely for the fiber optic interface?

The top right unpopulated footprint, marked as J8, is probably a UART connection for console. Digging deeper into the web to see if someone posted anything similar and I found this: http://linuxforum.ru/topic/34526. It is in Russian, but you can use an online translator to read it. Headers J8 is a console at 115200 bps! We are in business!

With a bit of soldering skill, I solder a single line headers, 5 pin, 2.54 mm pitch. Now J8 is accessible to external world. You could also solder some wires directly without headers onto the mainboard if you'd like.

Any USB to serial converter should work just fine as long as it has 3.3V voltage level. On the PC side, picocom is the terminal being used to get the read out below.

As you can see, even though the web-based interface is in Mandarin (mine is), the console output is in English :P I am looking forward to see if I could change the firmware to OpenWrt. Erased anime dubbed english episode 1. Or, at least to change the default language to English. Stay tuned..

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