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  1. Darker Than Black Season 1 Episode 1
  2. Darker Than Black Episode 1 Gogoanime
Darker than black season 1 episode 1

Darker Than Black Season 1 Episode 1

Darker than Black season 1 can stand alone, however season 2 adds some back story and more in depth information on the contractors as well as other secret organizations. The series is geared towards a more mature audience with dark imagery, blood, mystery and intriguing characters. If you are looking for an original story with paranormal elements Darker than Black is an excellent fit. The story follows a group of characters with paranormal powers that work for a secret organization who's real objective is not what it appears to be. The show moves along at a nice pace, with few areas that seem to drag, but in return provides needed information pertaining to the story arcs. here is a hint of romance, some comedy that is not over the top goofy, and some tragedy that leaves some impression. Darker than Black is an entertaining show with some foul language, minor risque imagery, some blood and gore and a story line structured around adult themes of politics, crime, secrets and the mysterious of Hell's Gate that are hidden from the public.
Characters develop well especially the 'dolls' which their evolution is essential to the overall story. Contractors each have special abilities that differ from other contractors, and those abilities have a price which often has something to do with a habit or bad habit the contractor had while human. The show leaves a few questions unanswered, but wraps things up nicely in the end.

Darker Than Black Episode 1 Gogoanime

Darker than Black, also known as Darker than Black: The Black Contractor is an anime. The series was also aired in English on Animax Asia, Animax's English. Black: Origins (DARKER THAN BLACK 外伝, Dākā Zan Burakku Gaiden), are set. 4 OVAs in total, filling the gap with Hei and Yin left between season 1 and 2. Watch Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden Episode 1 Online English Dubbed Subbed for Free. Stream Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden 1 Episodes.

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