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Enters the license key number (short for 'licence enter key').

Accessing the Command

command bar: licenterkey

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transparent: 'licenterkey

: licenterkey

Free Bricscad License Key

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Displays a dialog box:

Enter your license information, and then click OK.

Use this command only to change the license number. To view the license number, use the LicProperties command.

A separate license is required for the Classic, Pro and Platinum versions of BricsCAD.

Command Options

KeyFree bricscad license key



License Key

Allows to activate a single user or volume license key.

  1. Enter a license key in the License Key field.
  2. Press the OK Button.
    The license is activated over the internet.
    A license file is created.

Activate manually..

Allows to activate a single user or volume license key on a computer that is not connected to the internet.

Another computer, with internet connection, is needed to retrieve a valid license file from the BricsCAD license server.

  1. Logon to your account on the Bricsys website and select Licenses and Support Contracts.
  2. Click the Manage.. button of the license you want to activate.
  3. Copy/paste the computer host ID of the computer you want to install BricsCAD on in the Host ID field.
  4. Click the Activate button.
  5. A license file is generated and made available for download.
  6. Click the Download License File button to download the BricsCADVxx.lic file.
  7. Copy the license file to the computer you want to install BricsCAD on.
  8. Click the Browse button () on the Bricsys License Manager - Manual Activation dialog box and select the license file.
  9. Click the OK button.

Network License

Allows to retrieve a network license from a license server.

  1. Type the host name or IP address of the license server in the Server name or address field.
  2. Type the port number in the Port Number field.
  3. Press enter or click the OK button.

Proxy Settings..

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Related Commands

Status - reports on the state of the drawing.

LicProperties - reports the license number and owner.

LicenseManager - displays the License Manager dialog, summarizing your available licenses (BricsCAD/Communicator/Sheet Metal)

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Bricscad V17 License Key Serial

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