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Ism Pro Diskless Crack
  1. Ism Pro Diskless Crack

Wala pa akong idea sa price nila. Sana nga mag ka retailer din dito para me support nadin. Pes 5 demo.

Ism Pro Diskless Crack
is there a way to a boot disk-less Mac Pro from a SAN (or NAS with iSCSI)? For reasons of security and ease of administration, we want to deploy a secure centralized storage that literally hosts the entire company in a single redundant rack. I know Windows and most Unixes can do that and wonder if there is a similar solution for Mac OS X.
Speed is not much a concern (50MB/s is ok). Therefore iSCSI over Gigabit Ethernet should be fine. However, I could not find a bootable iSCSI initiator card for the Mac yet. Is there one?
Any pointers are much appreciated,

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Ism Pro Diskless Crack

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