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Oct 25, 2014 - Danball Senki W - Super Attack Function Compilation (超必殺. (For W users) Download the Mizel Patch to add Mizel arc to the game, for PSP users, select the game (don't play it first) and press triangle and select Update. Program kerja sekolah. Free Download Danball Senki Boost ENG Patched PSP GAME Download Danball Senki Boost ENG Patched PSP GAME Danball Senki []. Serial number lookup for guns.


PSP Game Name: Danball Senki Boost
Region: Japan
Language: Japanese
Patched / Fixed: No
Tested on CFW: Not Tested
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Download Link 1 [FULL VERSION GAME]
Download: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 - Part 6 – Part 7
Password: “http://www.nicoblog-games.com” (without ” “)
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File Info
System : PSP
Best Emulator : PPSSPP
File Size : 1.3 GB (400 MB / Part)
Game Info
Released : 2011
Genre : RPG
Language : Japanese (English Patched)
Short Description
DANBALL SENKI BOOST ENGLISH PATCHED PSP ISO – is an RPG Battle Game that involves Small Robots called LBX’s that fight on dioramas that made of cardboard. tha main character is Ben Yamano , a middle schooler that loves LBx’s . One Day when he was returning home. He discover a mysterious LBX model named AX 00 never seen in the sales catalog.Danball
The english Patch progress is still in early stage. the translation is not full. only a few parts like menus, descriptions . not the story
How to Play ?

Psp Update 4.1

  • Download Emulator
  • Extract RAR
  • Load ISO with Emulator
  • Complete Guide How to Use PPSSPP Emulator, Please Read Tutorial !
  • Please See FAQS Before asking any questions !
File Download (GD)

Mirror Download (UTB)

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