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'HTML5 is the longest HTML specification ever written. It is also the most powerful, and in some ways, the most confusing. What do accessible, content-focused standards-based web designers and front-end developers need to know?

Everyday Information Architecture

foreword byKaren McGrane

Lisa Maria Martin shows you how to leverage the principles and practices of information architecture in order to craft better digital experiences for everyone.

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Html5 For Web Designers 2nd Ed

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  • May 15, 2019

    Preorder Resilient Management

    Lara Hogan is an author, public speaker, and coach for managers and leaders across the tech industry—and we’re so excited to announce her second book with A Book Apart, launching June 11! Read on for more.

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  • May 01, 2019

    Read The Elements of Content Strategy book for free!

    Just over eight years ago, we published the third title in our collection—a book that would change the content strategy landscape for years to come. Erin Kissane’s The Elements of Content Strategy stands the test of time in any format—print or digital—and now, we’re beyond delighted to make it available on the web. We’re celebrating the launch of the Elements book website, with a super wonderful Q&A with Erin. Read on for more. Serial number lookup.

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