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Xtra-safe kt-82001 manual

Data Viewer is an application reads a COBOL data file and convert it non-COBOL formats such as CSV, DBF, Oracle, and Excel. Features include read file with known record layout, extract record layout from COBOL program, read file with unknown record layout, edit record layout, and export the data to non-COBOL format. Cobol DataViewer is a System Utilities software developed by Siber Systems Inc. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free.

i got a customer who wants to migrate from an old Fujitsu COBOL based system to our system, said that, he wants his old data to be kept in the new system, like products,manufacters, etc.I dont have the COBOL source file, i have: .DAT files, .RDD files and .FDD files.
Apparently the .DAT files are in the INDEXED organization, a sample file output bellow:
FDD output:http://textuploader.com/kxdv
RDD output:http://textuploader.com/kxdw

I can't simple read the .DAT file in notepad, i've tried the SiberDataViewer but unsuccesfull, also it gets paid to export the data.

If there's a way, can i write a program to export all these files to csv,dbf,postgres format?
If you are still reading, thank you.

Breno CaraccioBreno Caraccio

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I do not know Fujitsu COBOL but as I see it there are a few ways you might be able to get at the data:

0) Have your customer (or someone with a compatible Fujitsu COBOL compiler) write a COBOL program to read the INDEXED file and output a SEQUENTIAL file.

Hitman absolution trainer fling. 1) Find a Fujitsu COBOL utility to do the same.

2) Find a product that can read the INDEXED file and export it into something you can use. I'm thinking of products like Cyberquery or Crystal Reports, etc. Or, after I saw that the FDD/RDD files were produced by Siber Systems, a quick search helped me find their 'Cobol DataViewer' product; use that to output it to a 'more common and usable format' ;-)

Scott NelsonScott Nelson

I could convert it using the Siber DataViewer, but, its full version is paid.

Breno CaraccioBreno Caraccio

Tn Property Data Viewer

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