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  1. Dudley Perkins A Lil Light Zip Sweatshirts

Audio / InstrumentalsMadlib - Dudley Perkins A Lil Light instrumentals

9 June 2011

Альбом:Dudley Perkins A Lil Light instrumentals
Жанр: Hip-Hop/Soul
Год выпуска диска: 2003
Производитель диска: USA/Stones Throw
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: V0
Размер:93.25 MB
Описание:Instrumentals produced by Madlib for Dudley Perkins' A Lil' Light.
1. Momma
2. The Light
3. Money
4. Washbrainsyndrome
5. Yo Soul
6. Muzak
7. Falling
8. Solitude
9. Little Black Boy
10. Lord's Prayer
11. Just Think
12. Dudley Speaks!
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Dudley Perkins A Lil Light Zip Sweatshirts

  • ALil' Light is a studio album by American rapper DudleyPerkins. It was released via Stones Throw Records on July 15, 2003. The album is entirely produced by Madlib. Arnold of East Bay Express gave the album a favorable review.
  • The Dudley Perkins side project originated with. The track turned out so well that the duo decided to make an entire Dudley Perkins album.
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For a few years in the past decade Madlib was using a number system as titles. Adobe audition 1.5 torrent. A Lil’ Light by Dudley Perkins. Damn any info on that Lil Light’ record?

Dudley Perkins earned the green light for an LP after 'Flowers,' his 1999 single in the Stones Throw series of Jukebox 45's, became a favorite in underground rap circles. Hoping to catch lightning in a bottle twice, A Lil Light dropped in mid-2003, with production from the increasingly prolific Madlib (who had not only produced Perkins' original single but also had been hitting during 2003 with Shades of Blue on Blue Note and the Jaydee collaboration Jaylib on Stones Throw). The entire record has the same feel as 'Flowers,' a quirky, half-stoned, full-drunk performance featuring Perkins in full croon. Whereas on a single Perkins' style was charming and unexpected, a full LP makes it clear that he wasn't quite ready for the big time. Madlib's stumpy breakbeats and lo-fi samples are the perfect catalyst for his eccentric talents, but none of the songs here have the same sense of enchantment. Perkins spends plenty of time loving his momma; on a track called 'Momma' (one of two about her), he treasures the line 'It was you who gave me life, Momma' and repeats it dozens of time throughout the song. 'Money' is the only track that approaches 'Flowers,' featuring the man sounding like an amateur D'Angelo while crooning about the problems and pleasures of cash over a crackly Madlib production.

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