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Originally Posted by Moliv3ir4
i lost my save files when i formated my pc, in my save i was with 7 badges.
I just dont want to start all over again because i have i dont have enough time for it.
Thank you for your time

THIS IS A POKEMON BLACK GAME SAVE. To 'tootyfruity' in order for the emu to access the game file. OR on desmume got to. A Used Pokemon Save File! Here you can download pokemon black save file desmume shared files that we have found in our database. Pokemon Red Save File.zip from mediafire.com 1.01 MB, Twitch plays Pokemon Red save file on GBA4iOS 2.0.rar from 4shared.com 54.58 KB, Pokemon black save dst from 4shared.com (2 MB), Pokemon black 2 ingles desmume from mediafire.com (181 MB).

Looking for a Pokemon White 2 .dst file after 7th gym

Pokemon Black 2 Save File Download Desmume

Sadly my HDD crashed today and my save file was lost. Would anyone be kind enough to upload their save file? I had beaten the 7th gym and received the dark stone. If anyone is close to that point (not after I have yet to beat the game and don't want to spoil the plot haha) that would be amazing. I can just use pokesav to restore my party and continue.

Pokemon White 2 Download Desmume

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Pokemon Black 2 Save File Download DesmumePokemon Black 2 Save File Download Desmume
I googled this issue but I couldn't find anyone with either a similar problem or an answer. I have Pokemon Black for the DeSmuME emulator and I started a game, I used in game save a few times because it asked me to. But I was mainly using save states (saves provided from DeSmuME) but I realized I wasn't getting any experience points so I restarted with a code to fix it.
But I forgot to delete the old in game save with Select + Up + B and I'm way to far in the game to start again. I'm trying to start something in the game and its asking me to save but it keeps saying It's impossible to save, first delete your old save by pressing Select+Up+B in the menu. I went to the menu and deleted it but when I load back up my emulator save, the in game save automatically returns (the save state on the emulator saves the in game state and in order to delete the in game save I'd have to delete my emulator save which means restarting)
Is there a way to delete the in game save file on my emulator without deleting my emulator save files? I would like to save in game as many things require you to do so before using certain things.
I'm using the latest version of DeSmuME and its just regular Pokemon Black (not sure if its useful info but I'm on a Windows 7)
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