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  1. Install Centos 7 On Virtualbox

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  1. Monitoring Network Latency With Smokeping (Debian Etch)
    1. 3 Configuring Smokeping

Sep 15, 2017 - 今回は Docker を使わず、CentOS7 上に直接、Smokeping を. CentOS7 に Smokeping をインストールする. Yum -y install httpd smokeping.

  • I need some help from the Centos gurus. I'm trying to install smokeping-2.6.9 on a Centos 7 machine. I've installed most of the required perl modules but i'm struggling with one (perl-config-grammar).
  • Just in case anyone is having issues building the Perl modules in particular: cpan -i Net::DNS( Net-DNS-1.07 ) I had to install an older version first then run the build script again and all updates/installs fine.

Monitoring Network Latency With Smokeping (Debian Etch)

Version 1.0
Author: Falko Timme

This guide shows how to install and configure Smokeping on Debian Etch to monitor network latency. From the Smokeping web site: 'SmokePing is a deluxe latency measurement tool. It can measure, store and display latency, latency distribution and packet loss. SmokePing uses RRDtool to maintain a longtermcenter' bgcolor='#cccccc' border='1' bordercolor='#000000' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' width='90%'>

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(Make sure that mailhost contains the primary MX for your email domain!)

Centos 7 install lamp

Further down the file, you find the remark line. Modify it to your likings:

3.1 Basic Example

We will now do a basic configuration to measure the network latency to certain servers in various countries (e.g. Germany, UK, USA). In this example, I'm going to test the network connection to the servers www.heise.de (Germany), www.bbc.co.uk (UK), and web.mit.edu (USA). You should choose different servers to avoid a DOS!

Open /etc/smokeping/config again:

Find the section that begins with ++ Europe. Add a stanza for Germany between it and the Switzerland stanza (which you can comment out if you don't want to monitor a server in Switzerland):

Further down, modify the UK stanza as follows:

Then change the USA stanza:

Save your changes and restart Smokeping:

Smokeping will now probe the servers by pinging them (by using /usr/bin/fping) - this is the default test.

Install Centos 7 On Virtualbox

Now open a web browser and go to http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi. This is the start page:

After a few minutes you should see the first graphs. This is how the latency of localhost looks (which is configured by default in /etc/smokeping/config unless you changed that):

In the menu on the left side we can now go to the countries/servers that we configured earlier and take a look at their graphs:

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