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Lord Voldemort triumphs. He demands the Hogwarts student to pay him homage, however in an unexpected turn of events, Harry return to life and the battle between him and the Dark Lord begins.

Despite the appearance, the fight isn't really hard. Voldemort will be using similar spells throughout the whole battle and even though they're very powerful, you can easily dodge them. Above all try strafe at all times, hide behind covers and activate teleport in dire moments. The opponent will eventually start moving throughout the courtyard. Keep an eye on the black trace to know where he's going to appear. Attack him relentlessly, as by waiting you only create danger for yourself.

The defeated Voldemort will start chasing Harry, which will be presented in the form of the well-known sequence. The challenge is not only controlling the hero, but also shooting the slightly highlighted objects. Destroying them will slow down the cloud chasing Harry. Note that the fragile objects can be found on both sides. If you're not doing well with hitting them, try focusing on one side only.

123 Free Movies Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

For now, we put the main plot aside and focus on Ron and Hermione who are looking for Voldemort's snake. The problem is, the whole area is crawling with Death Eaters. The dark wizards will attack you once you set foot on the stairs. The second attack, this time much more serious, will take place at the ground floor. Inside you will also find a blue orb and yet another one on the upper floor.

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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 1 Free

Nothing shall trouble you on your way to the next savepoint. Afterwards however, the Death Eaters will carry out a massive attack. You will learn of it from Hermione, who will notice the incoming enemies (go right for a collectible). The biggest threat will be probably the hooded ones. They will attack from both sides and large in numbers, which will make things even more difficult. There will be quite a lot of fighting now overall. Voldermort's men will start coming down from above and hide behind pillars. Luckily they will prove to be less demanding with time. A bit higher there's the fourth shining collectible - the character of Harry Potter himself (accessible from the menu). Once the fighting is over, you can head towards the marker.

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