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Full P 90 X Package for Mail VS Full P 90 X Package for Download. 12 DVDs Package with total 12 workouts: Workout 1:Chest & Back. Targeted strength and definition workout emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises. You need a DVD Player.


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P90x 2 download?

Hi guys I know this is going to sound 'silly' but can anyone tell me if they found a place to download p90x 2. I purchased p90x a couple years ago but that's because I had a job but now I'm in school full time and really don't want to fork over the money. I love p90x and insanity and I recommend it to anyone who asks if I go to a gym. So yeah if anyone cares to load it somewhere or know of a good link to torrents let me know. Thanks!!!


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P90x Workout Video Free Download


Edit: got them!

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