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Yamaha thr10c presets

May 22, 2013 - Yamaha THR - Getting The Best Guitar Tone Setting We've already covered how you can. Getting Classic Sounds With The Yamaha THR10. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha THR10X Mini. And create your own patches (boss's two larger katana amps, the 50 and the 100,. Hey guys Today I finally bought the yamaha thr10x that I've been. A patch you created without the PC: select the patch in the THR Editor and.

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Yamaha Thr10x Review

I really don't know what everyone is smoking, but this thing sounds pretty terrible. I was hoping to use this amp as a smaller in-home replacement for my 30-year old solid state 30W Marshall Master Lead Combo. The Marshall sounds eons better. This amp sounds horribly boxy and flat with it's tiny speakers. Adding reverb doesn't improve the tone. It just sounds like a flat boxy guitar in a larger room or hall. Modulation effects were OK to get a rocktron sort of sound through the clean setting.
Modulation with any of the gain models sounded horrid (like a turd covered in shoe polish). Also, the multi-FX and delay/reverb are on continuous knobs, and just as you are getting close to a useable sound, the effects change to something totally different. Very difficult to lock into a good combination of reverb/delay and or chorus/flange/trem….
Surprising limited clean headroom through the clean channel. EQ knobs are strange and don't work like an ordinary tone stack. Having all three EQ knobs turned down results in zero volume output. The impact of the EQ was really extreme and it was very difficult to dial in a usable tone. I had to back the treble and mids way down to compensate for the small drivers and it was still only effective to a point.
All the gain models sucked, although surprisingly I liked the modern voicing the best, with varying levels of gain applied. Crunch and lead voicings were totally uninspiring. Brit Hi was second best after modern, but really, all the gain models had a phony fizz that made them sound smallish.
Can you practice through this thing? Yeah... I guess. But it's really not much fun. I think there's no getting around the lack of a decent sized driver. I question the taste of anyone who recommends one of these. And by the way... they're not really that cheap... $300 for a 10W solid state amp. Much better options elsewhere. As a 30+ year player, I highly recommend you look elsewhere. (FWIW, I normally play Bogner Shiva, hand-wired Plexi, and a Fender Tremolux… I do know good tone).
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