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  1. Skoda Octavia Bolero Firmware Update
  2. Skoda Octavia Bolero Radio
Skoda Octavia Bolero Firmware Update

Skoda Octavia Bolero Firmware Update


Skoda Octavia Bolero Radio

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    • ByEamonnkarran
      Hi folks. I'm new to the Skoda community, just bought a 2011 Superb 2.0 tdci 140. Brilliant car but I'm baffled by the Bolero audio system. When I press phone it shows no user connected. I've tried every Option on the set up menu, I've reset to factory and double checked my phone is set up properly but it doesn't seem to work. In setup.ive activated Bluetooth audio. My phone is Android, one plus x, I've heard that they only recognise iPhones, is this true? . Any how thanks for your help, it's the only bad point in an otherwise top motor but due to my job it's vital I have this set up. Thank you
    • ByTheRaami
      Hi guys,
      I just got new company car Kodiaq 2019. It has Bolero entertainment system.
      Can someone tell if its possible or not to upgrade the system so that you can watch videos with it? I have iphone 7.
      I've been searching this info from all over internet without success. I found out this page, but I'm not sure which of these kits would work, or do these work at all in my case:
      I'm an electrician so I'm not afraid of doing changes to the system, but I need to get instructions from somewhere if it's possible.
      I also have OBD eleven available, but I guess it's not going to do any difference in this case.
    • ByAlanOsborne
      Hi everyone, just picked up my 'second user' Octavia 2.0 TDI SE which was registered on July 12th 2015. The Infotainment system does not have either Smartlink or Android Auto functionality. Do I have any options please? Does anyone have a 'spare' Bolero which they no longer need? Can a i purchase one from a dealer (Approximate cost?) Either way I presume that some re-coding would be required? I apologise for so many questions, but I would like to use my galaxy S7 as a Sat Nav and display this on the Bolero unit. I don't like the idea of a suction cupped phone holder with it's associated power cable draped over my dashboard - However, depending upon your responses, I may have to settle for this scenario!
      Thanks and kind regards, Alan
    • ByUlsinus
      I have a new Kodiaq Edition 7 seat 1.4 TSI 150PS DSG which has done 1300 miles since delivery in December 2018.
      On two occasions: Christmas eve and 10 February the car failed to move when the accelerator was pressed.
      The vehicle was stationary.
      The engine was running and from the tacho at just under 800 to 900 rpm.
      The first occurrence R was selected.
      The second occurence D was selected.
      Mode Eco selected.
      Auto handbrake selected.
      Press the accelerator engine revs increased but car stayed put.
      Am I alone in experiencing this problem?
      I turned engine off and then restarted. Car responded correctly there after.
      Grateful to receive comments and advice about what I may be doing wrong and how I can avoid the problem occurring again.
    • ByPapfox
      I scanned my new Mk II FL vRS recently and the the Bolero is unhappy, saying there is an antenna short to ground. I don't know how good the radio reception is supposed to be but I don't perceive it as being bad, as both the mechanic and I believe it should be with a ground short on the antenna. If the code is cleared, it comes straight back so it doesn't look like a glitch.
      Obviously, there's an antenna connection on the back of the radio and I seem to recall seeing something on here about there being another in the roof lining at the back. Is there anywhere else I should be looking and which order would you recommand taking things apart please?

Offers files to update software of the. Skoda Octavia Bolero Manual. GENUINE SKODA OCTAVIA CAR RADIO BOLERO MANUAL OWNERS PRINT 11.2008. Jun 7, 2014 - BOLERO FIRMWARE UPDATE VERSION 1.0.1 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1. Program intervensi lima langkah bahasa inggeris. Posted in Skoda Octavia II 2004 - 2013: I know this topic has been.

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