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Hey everyone, after my Asus Q553 laptop went through the creativity update, i realized i could no longer scroll, right click using two fingers, or basically use more than one finger with my touchpad as i was able to do before. I have attempted a simple restart, also i decided to modify and fix the smart gesture application, and completely uninstall and reinstall it using the installer on the Asus website, however nothing has worked. I don't know of any other options that could fix it. The program is installed and I see a process in the task manager from the Asus smart Gesture, ('Asus Smart Gesture Loader'), but the icon on the task bar at the bottom of my computer is missing which shows how many fingers are being used on the touchpad at a time. Also, the touchpad refuses to disable from pressing fn+f9 which is supposed to toggle it on and off. Midtronics battery tester micro 450. How can I fix this problem?

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Hey guys. I have an ASUS notebook, and I wanna get rid of some bloatware.
I noticed in task manager there are a bunch of weird processes such as WDC.exe, KBFiltr.exe, Hcontrl.exe, and ATKOSD.exe and such which have no description, but do not allow me to end the process or access their file location.
Atk Package V1.0.0020 AsusThey are all within the directory of C:Program Files (x86)ASUSATK PackageATK Hotkey
I googled some, and apparently they have to do with hotkeys. But I just plain don't trust these applications, even though SAS, Avast, and MBAM all say they're safe.
If they're not necessary, I probably don't use them anyways because I've never used hotkeys before (Unless this has to do with the FN keys for stuff like volume, etc..???)

Asus Atk Package V1.0.0020 Download

Before I uninstall ATK Package (Which should in theory get rid of these processes), I just wanted to hear your take the situation before I touch it.

Atk Package V1.0.0043

Asus Atk Package V1.0.0020 Download

So is Atk Package safe to uninstall? Would I lose any features?
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