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Download Vs_setup.msi For Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Express iso- missing vs_setup.msi. > Visual C++ 2010 Express. Maybe you have a bad download? Study software vs2010 ultimate vs2010 ultimate vs2010 ultimate vs_setup.msi. 16:44] Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Use fresh download – Hetvi Sep.

I am trying to install Microsoft visual studio Professional 2010 on my Windows XP SP3 edition. I am getting the error 'vs_setup.msi could not be open' :

I have seen some forums mentioning the same problem for different reasons, and mostly because of having a previous version of Microsoft visual studio installed, but this is the first time for me to install it. Any idea how to fix that ?

Note: The actual setup files are in the path 'G:Visual Studio 2010 Professional'. I do not know why the setup is trying to look for vs_setup.msi inside the 'G:' directly ! Of course it is not there.

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Maybe this setup is from DVD image and it's hardcoded to work in root directory.Try to move all setup files to G: or another drive root


It probably doesn't like the spaces in the installation folder name. Rename 'Visual Studio 2010 Professional' to VS2010Pro and see if it doesn't start working.

Also look for the setup log in %temp%. Sometimes it's cryptic but you can usually get SOME idea of what went wrong. Maybe edit your question with the errors from that log. It's called dd_something*something* etc.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated) Redistributable Package.

Download Vs_setup.msi For Visual Studio 2010

With 7zip open and extract VSIsoShell.exe in a New Directory (there are many files inside of this .exe).After this is done, redirect to the right path w/ the extracted files (with vs_setup.msi file).

7zip is an Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives (www.7-zip.org)

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Product Key For Visual Studio 2010

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Visual Studio Download

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