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Download Octopus Software with loader tool now available in 1.7.4 , and Octopus 1.6.5, both software can be downloaded from below, to download older version 1.6.5 go down of this post.

Octopus tool is helpful for Samsung device and can be fixed multiple issues from Samsung device such as, unlocking frp protection and bypass google verification from Samsung device, writing firmware, update firmware, flash Samsung devices, writing and reading NVM, so multiple task can be done from this helpful Octopus Software with loader.

Note:Octopus Box Samsung V1.9.4 Available Click Here to Download

Download Octopus Software 1.7.4 with loader:

You have to download “Octopus Software” and “Samsung Drivers“, these all are important to run Octopus Software with loader, so download all below software from given links.


⇒ Samsung USB Driver [DOWNLOAD]

Let’s Run Octopus Software:

-Extract “Samsung USB Driver & Samsung MCCI Driver” from winrar archive file.

-Go to extracted folder, and install both drivers in your computer.

-Turn off any “Active Antivirus Software” to avoid any type interruption while cracking software.

Note: If you did not “Turnoff antivirus Software, it will surely remove “Octopus Loader 1.7.4.exe” file.

-Extract Octopus Software in your (DESKTOP or Programs File).

-Go extracted folder, and right click on “Octopus Loader 1.7.4.exe” file.

-After that click on “Run as administrator”.

-Now wait for few second, it will take time in starting.

Congrats, you have successfully downloaded and installed and run “Octopus Crack 1.7.4″, now you can accomplish multiple task with octopus.

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Warning! Whenever you need to run octopus software, just turn off antivirus software, and then extract from archive and run as administrator.

Download Octopus Software 1.6.5 With Loader:

⇒Octopus 1.6.5 With Loader [DOWNLOAD]

• Turn off your antivirus software.

Download Octoplus 2.6.6 Crack

• Once downloading finish, extract both file from winrar archive.

Staffing level estimation in software engineering. • Install “Octopus Software Setup”.

Download Octopus 2.5.6 Crack

• Right click on “Octopus Logo” from desktop, and go to its properties and then “Open File Location / Find Target” this will take you to the installation folder of your octopus software (Usually Program File in C Drive).

• Now copy “Load_OctoplusSamsung.exe”, and past it there in “Octopus Installation folder.

• Now right click on “Load_OctoplusSamsung.exe” and click on “Run as administrator”.

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Light Technology In Mi8

Israel and SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --- Mantis Vision, a leading provider of the most advanced technology for 3D volumetric acquisition and 3D scanning technologies, announces today of a strategic partnership with Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi. As part of the collaboration, Xiaomi will integrate a 3D camera, operated by Mantis Vision, as the 3D front camera in the company's flagship device Mi8, which was announced early today by Xioami and by Mantis Vision at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara California.
Xiomi's new Mi8 flagship device is the world's first Android device with integrated 3D imaging and scanning capabilities. Mantis Vision's technology will enable these capabilities in Android devices for the first time ever, which will allow to scan face scanning and recognition, face 3D capturing for a secure ePayment and other features that have so far only been available with 2D image analysis software. Moreover, the new technology will enable Augmented Reality features both for end users as well as for developers.
Mantis Vision's technology is based on its proprietary and patented structured light and a smart decoding algorithm which produce the largest number of depth points with the best quality existing on the market today. The coupling of Mantis Vision's sensor with the internal phone RGB camera makes the sensor the perfect solution for a variety of mobile utilizations such as modeling (AR) that can serve both the end users and professional application developers.
According to Gur Arie Bittan, founder and CEO of Mantis Vision: 'Shrink optical stack and size from centimeters to millimeters, incorporate Vcel lasers that were still nascent technologies at the time, meet OEM's power consumption drastic points and conform with eye safety regulations, build camera brackets module that synchronizes with RGB existing cameras, define and prepare for mass production calibration and on software invent effective decoding patters algorithms and pipelines running on one Arm Core on the AP. Mantis Vision Teams overcame the many challenges they were confronted and succeeded build the most cost-effective 3D Structure Light camera module there is on the market today while using Mantis Vision in-house Ip's. Technical and commercial interactions with Xioami were made thanks to the active role of our Joint Venture China team, Tang Lang'.
Mantis Vision brings high definition 3D content to everyday experiences. Mantis vision empowers consumers, application developers, and industry professionals to instantly capture and share high-quality 3D content. From 3D cameras on mobile devices to professional handheld 3D scanners and 3D engines for OEMs, our technology easily transforms objects, places and live people into high-resolution 3D digital content, in real-time.
Mantis Vision and China Luenmei Quantum Co Ltd, a publicly traded company in Shanghai, recently joined forces and created a Joint Venture named 'Tang Lang' which is Mantis Vision exclusive partner for the Greater China market. Tang Lang is located in Beijing and Shanghai.

Xiomi Mi Drone

Olympus has marked their entry in the action camera segment with the TGTracker. Unlike other action cameras, this is a rugged action camera that is waterproof to 30m, shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof to 100kg. It has an 8MP sensor with a 204 degree wide angle lens that is capable of recording 4k video. There is also a 1.5-inch flip out display, built-in LED light, GPS for location tracking, a barometric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, compass and accelerometer. The company has included a hand grip with the camera for high low angle shooting as well as for selfies. It is priced at US$350 and should be available to purchase from June 2016 onwards.
Povi: This plush toy for children (designed for 3 to 8 year olds) helps them grow emotionally. It has built-in Bluetooth and connects to your smartphone using the free Povi app. The app downloads content based on the child's age and then the toy reads out the content to the child. It even has follow up questions to help parents and child discuss various topics. The makers claim that there are over 4,000 psychologists, teachers, counsellors and parents that contribute stories based on real-life stories to the Povi ecosystem -this helps parents and children connect with each other on various issues that a child might face. Each one is priced at just US$49 and you can pre-order one on Kickstarter with deliveries expected in November 2016.
Xiaomi Mi Drone: While drones are banned in India, they're a big rage in China. Xiaomi is the latest company to join the list of drone makers with the new Mi Drone. As you can probably tell, it's a quadcopter. A 360-degree rotating camera & gimbal is included while the a 5,100mAh battery offers a claimed flying time of 27 minutes. There is auto-pilot as well as auto-homing functionality. The bundled remote control can also mount your smartphone for a live video feed from the camera. Like with their smart suitcase announced last week, Xiaomi is opting for the crowd funding model for the drone and it starts on May 26th. Once funded, the drone will be priced at about US$ 350 for the full HD camera version and about $450 for the 4k camera variant.
- Pebble 2 and Time 2: Pebble launched their first smartwatch on Kickstarter and they're back with another crowd funding campaign. Like earlier versions, the Pebble 2 has a black and white e-ink display while the Time 2 has a colour display in a stainless steel case. Both watches come with heart rate monitors, a built-in microphone, activity and sleep tracking and are water resistant up to 30 meters. The Pebble 2 has a battery life of up to 7 days while the Time 2 has battery life of upto 10 days. The Peb ble 2 is priced at US$99 whereas the Time 2 is for US$169 -both are expected to ship later this year. Within just a day of the campaign, Pebble has already received five times the funding amount.
OtterBox uniVERSE Rugged cases offer maximum protection for your phone but their bulky nature sometimes interferes with third-party accessories. OtterBox's new uniVERSE case solves this problem it's a modular case which allows select compatible accessories to be connected to the iPhone without removing the case. The list currently includes accessories like the Olloclip, Sandisk iXpand drive, Polar Pro pow er pack battery, Polar Tripod and Square card reader. The case is priced at US$50 and is available for iPhone 66s and iPhone 6 Plus6s Plus. It will be available in June 2016.

Xiomi’s New Drone

A couple years ago, DJI made quadcopter drones easy to fly, and just about affordable -- its top-end models have always hovered around $1200.
Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for its cheap-and-cheerful Android smartphones, which offer top-end features for about half the price. With a $500 drone that looks to rival DJI's flagship model, it looks like Xiamoi is trying to do for drones what it did for handsets.
Here's all you really need to know about the two new Mi drones: 27-minute flight time, GPS and GLONASS for positioning, sensors on the bottom for holding a hover at low altitudes, and live-streaming video to a smartphone that connects to the controller. Video-wise, you're looking at 1080p video from the cheaper model, or 4K video and RAW stills from the more expensive version, with both cameras mounted on a 360-degree gimbal.
Those specs are near-as-dammit identical to the DJI Phantom 3, DJI's insanely popular prosumer drone that was only recently replaced by the Phantom 4. But rather than costing $1,400 like the Phantom 3, the Mi Drone will run you $380 for the 1080p version, or $460 for 4K video.
As one of my colleagues astutely pointed out, that makes the drones -- really good drones -- cheaper than a high-end smartphone (or a last-gen iPhone, for that matter). Sure, the drones might not fly as fast or as high as DJI's best, and they lack the collision avoidance features that are coming on today's top-end drones.
But for that price, it doesn't really matter. Drones are already becoming a common sight at scenic lookouts and over city centers; if the price more than halves, then you can expect to see a lot more Dads With Drones this holiday season. Availability is unclear, but the 4K version will be first available for 'testing' as part of a beta program in July.
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