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Peta GPS Indonesia yang tersedia untuk di download secara gratis ini merupakan hasil sumbangsih dari anggota navigasi.net seluruh Indonesia. File tersedia untuk Garmin NT, Navitel dan Papago. File tersedia untuk Garmin NT, Navitel dan Papago. Software terbaru: Cara Install Garmin GPS dan Peta INDONESIA di Komputer / Laptop - seputar informasi software terbaru gratis.

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Easy-to-use high performance GPS for wherever your travels take you. No account setup or subscriptions required.
Turn your phone into a powerful GPS navigation system with Polaris Navigation GPS, the world's #1 all-purpose GPS, and dare to go where there are no roads.
Imagine.. What would it be like to navigate any waterway or explore any wilderness or city using only your phone's GPS location abilities and a view of the sky? What it would be like to create navigation destinations without the need of an internet connection and find them using only an arrow or offline maps.
That is just a glimpse of the navigational power you will hold in your hands when you install Polaris Navigation GPS.
Used mostly as a hiking, off road, nautical and trail GPS app, Polaris is an excellent backup or replacement for your handheld dedicated GPS satellite navigation unit and will keep you oriented wherever your outdoor adventures take you!
Typical usage:
● Hiking GPS with the best hiking maps!
● Back country exploration and outdoor adventure
● Trail recorder
● Sailing, Boating. All marine navigation charts in Polaris are free.
● Fishing GPS. Find you favorite fishing hole.
● Hunting and hunting maps. Find you favorite hunting blind and your way back!
● Geocache
● Camping
● Mountain Biking and bike maps
● Backpacking and other outdoor sports
● Compass orienteering
Known for its stability, reliability and flexibility, Polaris is used by land-sea search and rescue, military personnel and millions of others worldwide.
To support your offline, adventures we provide free of charge:
📡 Access to our vector & raster map downloaders (topos, marine, hiking and others).
📡 No limits on map types or on the number of map downloads.
📡 All maps are shown with high detail and large, easy to read labels.
This powerful navigation system also includes:
📡 Polaris Places Picker. Find hiking trails, camping locations and much more!
📡 GPS compass and magnetic compass
📡 GPS parameters panel
📡 Odometers, altimeters, speedometers, chronometers
📡 Split distances on tracks
📡 Draw a trail and navigate it
📡 Google Maps, OpenStreetMap-Mapnik, Topographic Maps, Cycle Route and Hiking Maps, Vector Maps, USGS Topo Maps, NOAA Marine Charts, World Aviation Operations Charts, Canada Toporama.
📡 Comprehensive set of GPS Tools and diagnostics
📡 Waypoint navigation system including a dynamic waypoint-finding compass that always points to your destination while reporting estimated time of arrival, distance to target and other statistics. Just follow the arrow!
📡 Trail navigation system
📡 Altitude profiles
📡 Location sharing
📡 Supports British OSGR and OSGB-36 DATUM (Ordnance Survey Grid)
📡 Coordinate formats: latitude/longitude as degrees, deg:min, deg:min:sec, and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator).
📡 Military Coordinate Finder - Military Grid Coordinate Reference System (MGRS).
📡 Hiking Trails - Most of the maps show hiking paths courtesy of the Openstreetmap project. We are always amazed to find that even some of the most obscure hiking routes in our state are available.
⚓ Marine navigation- NOAA Nautical Charts and nautical unit reporting.
⚓ Drift alert / Drag anchor alarm.
📡 Select source for altitude reporting: Satellites, United States Geologic Survey or map your location to the results of NASA's Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
📡 Waypoint photography.
📡Map Search and Coordinate Conversion capabilities with the free MapIt! plug-in
📡 Improved compatibility for maritime navigation with addition of nautical and NOAA marine charts.
📡 Road navigation and street directions are provided through a digital pipeline connecting the power of Polaris to the Google Maps app on your device.
* The premium version of Polaris Navigation is called GPS Waypoints Navigator, available on Google Play. GPS Waypoints Navigator is ad-free and contains many other enhancements.
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