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Agility heroes. Located at the top third of the hero select screen. Agility heroes generally deal massive damage, but cannot take much punishment.

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Hero Role: Initiator, Ganker, Support • Lane: Top or Bottom
  • Item Build
    • Start: 2x Runes of the Blight, 2x Mana Potion, 2x Minor Totem, Monkey Courier or Wards (or Pretender’s Crown)
    • Core: Marchers, Power Supply, 2x Fortified Bracelet, Wards of Sight, Steam Boots
    • Luxury: Staff of the Master, Portal Key
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Comet
      2 – Stats
      3 – Comet
      4 – Aurora
      5 – Comet
      6 – Void Rip
      7 – Comet
      8 – Aurora
      9 – Aurora
      10 – Aurora
      11 – Void Rip
      12 – Dimensional Link
      13 – Dimensional Link
      14 – Dimensional Link
      15 – Dimensional Link
      16 – Void Rip
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Use Void Rip to swap places with an enemy and place them in the middle of your own team for an easy kill
    • Swapping places can leave you vulnerable to the enemy team in turn, try using a portal key to teleport yourself back immediately after swapping
    • Your role should be using your swap and stun to help surpise-gank
    • You are responsible for buying wards, this will enable you to know where and when to gank and help the team immensely
UPDATED for 1.0.6 Skill Changes
Hero Role:
Initiator, Ganker, Pusher • Lane: Top or Bottom

Grafis Berbasis Bitmap Dan Vektor

  • Item Build
    • Start: Healing Potion, Runes of the Blight, Mark of the Novice, 2x Minor Totem, Mana Potion
    • Core: Marchers >> Power Supply >> Talisman of Exile >> Plated Greaves >> Portal Key
    • Luxury: Shrunken Head
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – The Keg
      2 – Tinker
      3 – Tinker
      4 – The Keg
      5 – Tinker
      6 – Energy Field
      7 – Tinker
      8 -The Keg
      9 – The Keg
      10 – Steam Turret
      11 – Energy Field
      12 – Steam Turret
      13 – Steam Turret
      14 – Steam Turret
      15 – Stats
      16 – Energy Field
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Engineer’s Steam Turret has been changed in HoN patch 1.0.5 / 1.0.6. Your turret now sprays bullets without aiming and does not get bonuses from your items. This guide has been updated to reflect this huge change.
    • This build focuses on being able to spam cheaply The Keg for early harass. Be sure to practice aiming so you push enemy heroes back toward you, then autoattack. This works extremely well if you are laning with a stunner.
    • If possible, use The Keg to push enemies into your tower and/or use it after your lane-mate has already stunned for easy aiming.
    • Initiating Teamfights: (Steam Turret) >> Shruken Head >> Portal Key >> Energy Field >> (Steam Turret) >> The Keg. Aiming The Keg will be easy in combination with Energy Field. Use the Keg to knock enemies into or out of Energy Field. Ideally use Steam Turret first if it can be aimed to where it will keep hitting enemies caught near your Energy Field position.
    • Steam Turret fires straight ahead in a pretty narrow cone. Be sure to aim it down a lane or narrow path so enemies will be in the line of fire for as long as possible.
    • Buy Wards of Sight!
Night Hound
Hero Role: Carry, Ganker • Lane: Top or Bottom

Contoh Beberapa Program Aplikasi Grafis Berbasis Vektor Dan Bitmap

  • Item Build
    • Start: Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Logger’s Hatchet, 3x Minor Totem
    • Core: Power Supply, Iron Shield, Steam Boots, Nullfire Blade, Geometers Bane, Wingbow
    • Luxury:
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Smoke Bomb
      2 – Pounce
      3 – Pounce
      4 – Backstab
      5 – Pounce
      6 – Invisibility
      7 – Pounce
      8 – Backstab
      9 – Backstab
      10 – Backstab
      11 – Invisibility
      12 – Smoke Bomb
      13 – Smoke Bomb
      14 – Smoke Bomb
      15 – Stats
      16 – Invisibility
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Use Pounce to last hit, especially siege engines – this will get you early gold and experience
    • Click on enemy heroes periodically to check and see if they have invisibility-revealing items like a Bound Eye or Dust
Contoh Program Aplikasi Grafis Berbasis Bitmap Dan Vektor
Hero Role: Hard Carry • Lane: Top or Bottom

Contoh Program Aplikasi Desain Grafis Berbasis Bitmap Dan Vektor

  • Item Build
    • Start: Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, 2x Mana Potion, Pretender’s Crown, 2x Minor Totem
    • Core: Logger’s Hatchet >> Ghost Marchers >> Runed Axe >> Shieldbreaker >> Abyssal Skull >> Staff of the Master
    • Luxury:
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Blade Frenzy
      2 – Stats
      3 – Blade Frenzy
      4 – Stats
      5 – Blade Frenzy
      6 – Swift Slashes
      7 – Blade Frenzy
      8 – Counter Attack
      9 – Way of the Sword
      10 – Way of the Sword
      11 – Swift Slashes
      12 – Way of the Sword
      13 – Way of the Sword
      14 – Counter Attack
      15 – Counter Attack
      16 – Swift Slashes
      17 – Counter Attack
      18 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Once you reach level 7, you can attack while spinning for extra damage!
    • Right at the beginning of the game, try to delay your creeps by standing in front of them. Then, sneak around behind the enemy during the first creep wave, attack, and use your blade frenzy spin on one of them. If you have just a little help from a lane mate, you should get an early kill.
    • Your Blade Frenzy makes you magic-immune. Use it for escapes, for example you can use a homecoming stone immediately after casting it so you can’t be stunned.
Hero Role: Hard Carry • Lane: Top or Bottom
  • Item Build
    • Start: Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Logger’s Hatchet, 3x Minor Totem
    • Core: Iron Shield >> Lifetube >> Steam Boots (STR) >> Runed Axe >> Abyssal Skull >> Shrunken Head >> Frostburn >> Wingbow
    • Luxury: Alternative options – Geometer’s Bane, Brutalizer or Savage Mace, Behemoth’s Heart, Nullstone, Rift Shards
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Flash
      2 – Mana Combustion
      3 – Mana Combustion
      4 – Flash
      5 – Mana Combustion
      6 – Mana Rift
      7 – Mana Combustion
      8 – Flash
      9 – Flash
      10 – Master of the Mantra
      11 – Mana Rift
      12 – Master of the Mantra
      13 – Master of the Mantra
      14 – Master of the Mantra
      15 – Stats
      16 – Mana Rift
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Very strong late game, pretty weak early/mid game while he tries to get his items. Iron Shield helps a ton with early creep killing & survivability.
    • Farm the ancient creeps (doublestack them) for faster gold / exp. You should be able to take the ancient creeps on at about lvl 12-13, once you have runed axe, possibly abyssal skull
    • Be sure to use your Ultimate, Mana Rift, on targets with little to no mana (likely after attacking/mana burning them, but not necessarily). Bonus points if it is early or mid fight and lots of enemy heroes around.
    • Blink ahead of your target so you get an extra 1-2 auto attack hits in before needing to chase
  • Item Build
    • Start: Runes of Blight, Healing Potion, 2x Duck Boots, 2x Minor Totem
    • Core: (Bottle (mid lane) >>) Power Supply >> Steam Boots >> 2x Soulscream Ring >> Whispering Helm >> *Shrunken Head
    • Luxury: Wingbow >> Symbol of Rage >> Geometer’s Bane >> (*Alternate: Assassin’s Shroud)
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Lunar Glow
      2 – Moon Beam
      3 – Lunar Glow
      4 – Stats
      5 – Lunar Glow
      6 – Moon Finale
      7 – Lunar Glow
      8 – Stats
      9 – Stats
      10 – Stats
      11 – Moon Finale
      12 – Multi Strike
      13 – Multi Strike
      14 – Multi Strike
      15 – Multi Strike
      16 – Moon Finale
      17 – Stats+
      23 – Moon Beam+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Times to NOT use your ultimate, Moon Finale: when there are creeps around, your target can go invisible or run out of range/sight quickly, or target has Shrunken Head (magic immunity). Be ready to chase the target since they will most certainly try to run.
    • If you meet an enemy hero on the river (like near the runes), you should get a free kill with your ultimate. It will do massive damage against one hero alone.
    • Use your stun spell, Moon Beam, to last hit creeps you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. Instead you will be using your ultimate and your auto attack to dish out damage to heroes. Reserve Moon Beam to stun heroes out of Homecoming Stone casting, channelled ultimates, etc.
    • Alternately, Moon Beam could be levelled early and used to harass if you are with a lane mate who will provide stun/dmg needed for a kill.
    • *Assassin’s Shroud can be useful for escapes and a great trick is to cast your Ult, then go invis with the shroud and chase a hero. Moonbeams will continue to hit while you’re invis. If you decide to get this, you’d probably want it instead of Shrunken Head.
  • Item Build
    • Start: Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Logger’s Hatchet, 3x Minor Totem
    • Core: (Power Supply >>) Sustainer >> Marchers >> Runed Axe >> Steam Boots Strength/Agi >> Whispering Helm >> Shrunken Head >> Symbol of Rage
    • Alternative: Shieldbreaker (instead of Whispering Helm / Symbol of Rage)
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Electric Eye
      2 – Vanish
      3 – Vanish
      4 – Electric Eye
      5 – Vanish
      6 – Marksman Shot
      7 – Vanish
      8 – Disarm
      9 – Disarm
      10 – Disarm
      11 – Marksman Shot
      12 – Disarm
      13 – Electric Eye
      14 – Electric Eye
      15 – Stats
      16 – Marksman Shot
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Scout is extremely controversial. He has a horrible (and rightly earned) reputation of being constantly picked by newbie players, then providing zero benefit to the team, while occasionally just stealing kills.
    • Ultimate – Marksman Shot: this is an OPENING attack. Use it to initiate ganks especially, and also right before the start of teamfights. The decent damage and great slow effect will help immensely. Commonly (incorrectly) used to steal kills. DONT.
    • Use your Electric Eyes ability all the time. Plant them while invisible, then set them off to silence before trying to pick off a hero in a lane. Also do the same before teamfights. Otherwise, plant them at the runes or in the forests for scouting info.
    • Runed axe is the most important item to get; get it right away as it then enables you to farm like a madman. You’ll probably want to get it before even getting boots. Once you have the axe, farm the jungles or lanes while planting eyes to make sure you aren’t ganked.
    • Your goal is to get levelled/farmed quickly since you are very strong later in the game.
Hero Role: Carry, Ganker, Initiator • Lane: Any
  • Item Build
    • Start: 2x Runes of the Blight, 2x Duck Boots, 2x Minor Totem
    • Core: Bottle >> Marchers >> Power Supply >> Steam Boots >> 1-2x Soulscream Ring
    • Luxury: Geometer’s Bane >> Charged Hammer >> Whispering Helm >> Riftshards >> Symbol of Rage
    • Alternate: (Nullfire Blade)
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Javelin of Light
      2 – Courageous Leap
      3 – Call of the Valkyrie
      4 – Call of the Valkyrie
      5 – Call of the Valkyrie
      6 – Javelin of Light
      7 – Call of the Valkyrie
      8 -Javelin of Light
      9 – Javelin of Light
      10 – Valkyrie’s Prism
      11 – Valkyrie’s Prism
      12 – Courageous Leap
      13 – Courageous Leap
      14 – Courageous Leap
      15 – Stats
      16 – Valkyrie’s Prism
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • The Javelin skill is a very strong disable, but can be extremely tough to aim and fairly easy to dodge. Try throwing it down a straight lane rather than across (but usually aim out of the regular creep path). Use it to disable running heroes, or to attempt to initiate. Remember, the farther the javelin travels, the longer the stun.
    • Use your ultimate, Prism, before a teamfight to enable great initiations, or to save yourself or others from being killed.
    • Use your nuke, Call of the Valkyrie, to get last hits on multiple creeps and to harass melee heroes in your lane.
Hero Role: Hard Carry, Tank • Lane: In Jungle
  • Item Build
    • Start: Wildsoul: Healing Potion … Bear: Iron Buckler, Logger’s Hatchet
    • Core: Wildsoul: Marchers, Homecoming Stone, Minor Totems/Logger’s Hatchet… Bear: Gloves of the Swift, Mock of Brilliance, Marchers
    • Mid/Late: Wildsoul: Steamboots >> Bear: Ghost Marchers >> Bear: Warpcleft >> Wildsoul: Frostburn >> Bear: Charged Hammer (swap to Wildsoul in late game when Beardulon is killed too easily)
    • Luxury: Wingbow
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Summon Beardulon
      2 – Natural Attunement
      3 – Summon Beardulon
      4 – Natural Attunement
      5 – Natural Attunement
      6 – Summon Beardulon
      7 – Summon Beardulon
      8 – Natural Attunement
      9 – Wild
      10 – Bear Form
      11 – Bear Form
      12 – Wild
      13 – Wild
      14 – Wild
      15 – Stats
      16 – Bear Form
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Early and mid game you will be relying mostly on your bear for damage and his disable Entangle. You won’t use your Bear Form. Late game you will match then pass your bear in usefulness.
    • Wildsoul should only be jungling, NOT in a lane (until you get all core items, roughly 20-25 minutes) Gank the nearby lane any time after you hit level 5 so your bear will have entangle.
    • It is recommended to look up guides on jungling, it is too much to cover here but there are ways to farm the jungle efficiently.
    • Send your bear back occasionally to be healed and to buy items. While he is travelling, pull the jungle creeps near your closest lane and have them fight your creeps (requires some simple timing).
    • He is fairly tough to play since you have to control 2 units all the time. Select yourself and your bear, then use tab to switch control back and forth quickly.
Hero Role: Hard Carry, Initiator, Tank • Lane: In Jungle
  • Item Build
    • Start: 1x Healing Potion, 1x Logger’s Hatchet, 1x Iron Buckler
    • Core: (Iron Shield >>) Life Tube >> Helm of the Black Legion >> Ghost Marchers >> Mock of Brilliance
    • After: Barrier Idol >> Frostburn or Frostwulf Skull >> Behemoth’s Heart
  • Skill Build
    • 1 – Cyclones
      2 – Gust
      3 – Cyclones
      4 – Gust
      5 – Cyclones
      6 – Typhoon
      7 – Cyclones
      8 – Gust
      9 – Gust
      10 – Wind Shield
      11 – Typhoon
      12 – Wind Shield
      13 – Wind Shield
      14 – Wind Shield
      15 – Stats
      16 – Typhoon
      17 – Stats+
  • Quick Hero Overview
    • Practice directional pushes with gust (on yourself and others). Its great for ganking by shoving heroes into your tower or pushing them back into the loving arms of your team.
    • You are great at chasing with gust and cyclones. You can just run next to fleeing heroes for extra damage. Mock of Brilliance helps greatly with this.
    • You should be jungling and can do this very well with the help of your cyclones. Always consume a cyclone if you are at your max number before you last hit a creep, and before they disappear if you need HP. Gust can give you extra damage or save you from a gank.

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