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Christian Song Lyrics Online. Twitter Tweets by @CSongsOnline. Song Category. VBS 2018 Songs Tamil Sunday Class Songs Tamil Worship Songs Tamil Wedding Songs Tamil. Uploaded Tamil Christian songs Lyrics / 1775 Songs. After downloading the app you can listen to Tamil Christian Songs in your mobile and also download the.

This app brings you most of the Praise & Worship lyrics used by Tamil churches all over the world. Now, you can worship any time, anywhere with all the lyrics you need in an elegantly designed app that doesn't display any ads.
Why develop another app when there are tons of similar apps?
Worship Songs was initially developed as we couldn't find an app with latest Praise & Worship songs with both Tamil and Transliterated (Romanised) text.
Now, our vision has grown to bring all the good quality songs Tamil Christians use to worship God in one easy to use app that doesn't display any advertisements.
Many Tamil congregations also sing English songs. Worship Songs provides many popular English songs as well so you need not look for another app.
And finally, the songs database grows rapidly. New songs are added often, so you will never miss your favourite song. We would like to add a word that we are extremely careful in our song selection. We do not want to add all the songs out there in the wild but only good quality ones that's scriptural.
Did we mention that Worship Songs is open source? Yes, you can be a part of this project. Isn't that great?
- A large collection of latest Tamil and English Praise & Worship songs, Jebathotta Jeyageethangal, Keerthanaigal, Seyalveerar Geethangal (FMPB) songs etc.
- Transliterated (Romanised) text for Tamil songs
- Songs grouped by Titles, Authors, Categories, Song Books
- Ability to quickly search for a song by it's title or content or song number in a Song Book
- Manage your favourite list of songs through 'Favourties'. This will help you to organize songs that will be used in next Sunday service, Small Group meetings or simply to manage your favourite list.
- 'Present song' on your TV or projector wireless (Miracast/WiDi) or via HDMI cable connection (MHL, SlimPort or Micro-HDMI port).
- YouTube video support for selected songs.
- Share your favourite song or a verse from a song to Whatsapp, Facebook etc
- Professional design with no ads.
Q. I couldn't find a song that I am looking for. What should I do?
Refine your search terms. For example, instead of 'Arathanai', try searching for 'Aarathanai'. Worship Songs names the song titles that matches closely with their Tamil counterparts.
Q. I still couldn't find the song. I bet it's not there in your database. What now?
You can create a new issue at our Github project https://github.com/crunchersaspire/worshipsongs-db-dev. Worship Songs is an open source project. Anyone interested can contribute song lyrics. If you are interested, please let us know.
Q. I want to request a new feature. How do I go about that?
The songs database and the app are maintained in separate Github projects. This is because the songs database is shared by both the Android and iOS version of Worship Songs. Worship Songs for Android lives at https://github.com/crunchersaspire/worshipsongs. You can request for a new feature by creating an issue there.
Q. How do I report bugs?
Please create an issue and apply the label 'Bug' in our Github project. Kindly refer the previous question for project details. Please do not report bugs through comments.
Q. How can I help you guys?
If you find Worship Songs to be useful, please give it a good rating and share your opinion. Please help others know about this app by spreading word. You can contribute song lyrics or if you are good at Android/iOS development, you can contribute code.
Q. Is there a way I can use these songs in my Church?
Absolutely. In fact, the songs database that is shipped with this app is used by Tamil Methodist Church Subang Jaya.
If you want to do that in your Church, you would need to install a software named OpenLP and replace it's default songs database with the one that ships with this app.
- Copyrighted songs are owned by respective Copyright holders.
- Linked YouTube videos are owned by respective Copyright holders.

We have more than 4000 power point songs collection in one zip file. Email us info@tcsong.com we will send you the link to download If you have any problems in downloading the files kindly email us info@tcsong.com.

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Free Download Tamil Christian Songs Lyrics

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